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Is Self-Sabotage Playing Havoc with Your Goals?

By Jackie Foskett

Getting back and keeping on track for the year you’ve designed and want to create simply starts with awareness and these other simple actions you can take Continue reading

Creating What We’d Love Through Intuitive Coaching

By Christian Whitecloud

Having a life coach to support us is a common practice. An entire industry has taken shape to accommodate the push to overcome our problems and achieve our goals of success. The style and approaches of coaching are as diverse Continue reading

Weathering the Storm

By Rita Graving

Change, it appears, is (or can be) entirely possible. We need not stay stuck in old patterns and beliefs that may have been imprinted on us from our childhood or even past lives.
It is possible to change our beliefs
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"Relax and Dream Up a Good Life"

Creative Genius, Jim Carrey's commencement speech is highly recognized, for good reason, on YouTube.

In this snippet, Jim reminds us, so eloquently, that life does not need to be a struggle. We won't win any awards or achieve higher status in the afterlife, or more poignantly, find more health and happiness in the survival mode.

"Relax and Dream Up a Good Life." That's what Jim says.

I believe him.

Make time for viewing this today. Tomorrow is not a guarantee.