• Struggling in Sapa

    • caribou in rice paddy-f Struggling in Sapa - These kids could hardly contain themselves. They elevated off their tiny chairs with glee. I could hardly pull myself away from the clamor. I no longer felt the pain in my legs. My breathing returned to normal. My scowl evaporated. Continue reading
  • Timeless Medicine From The Owl

    • owl in a tree-f Timeless Medicine From The Owl - Messages from nature are personal and always changing. Is an animal, bird or insect appearing to you in an unusual way in your waking or dreaming life. Unexpected encounters with animals may be teachers sharing an important message with you. Continue reading
  • A Paradigm Shift and a Headless Warrior

  • Learning to Love Yourself: A Simple 5 Step Prescription

  • Can You Change Without Changing?

    • decide that you want it-f Can You Change Without Changing? - Own your choices. Take full responsibility. Nobody can make you change. Be very clear on the deepest reasons you are doing this work. Rely on this for inspiration during the darkest struggles and as reason to celebrate Continue reading