25 Tips for Finding Happiness

If you have days where happiness eludes you, here’s a few tips from your comrades on the planet that may help shift your mindset for the day. It’s the simple things in life that tend to bring the most pleasure.

  1. Assume positive intent of others
  2. First thing in the morning, be grateful for all the blessings in your life.
  3. Exercise
  4. Get more sleep
  5. When getting home from work, the first thing you tell your partner is the best
  6. thing that happened that day
  7. Move closer to where you work, or get a job closer to where you live
  8. Random acts of kindness — randomly pay for someone’s drive-thru order behind you
  9. Think of something you use everyday, make sure it is the best quality you can afford, and maintain it at top quality
  10. Walk at least 30 minutes a day
  11. Stop comparing yourself to others
  12. Remove advertising from your life
  13. Get a dog
  14. Smile for yourself
  15. Smile at others
  16. Give more and expect less
  17. Help the people around you
  18. Get enough sunlight
  19. Know when to quit
  20. Show gratitude for the good things you have
  21. Mindfulness meditation
  22. Journaling
  23. Travel
  24. Create a small happy moment routine (e.g., eating your favorite food while reading a good book) and indulge in that everyday if possible, even if only for five minutes
  25. Everyday tell and make feel your loved and dear ones how much you love them and how worthy they are to your life

Resource: www.Quora.com

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