6 Helpful Practices to Elevate Your State of Mind

“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy. I’m telling you
it’s going to be worth it.”

Living the true vision for your life

Deep fulfillment comes from a sense of aliveness, meaning and purpose in our lives and from uncovering and bringing to life the true desires of our heart. It’s about living a life based in love, where our spirit is awakened. Where by sharing our gifts we connect with and ignite the hearts of others, bringing more joy, healing and transformation to our World.

Helpful practices for reconnecting with your natural state of being:

pebble seesawMindfulness and meditative practices can help cultivate connection to your natural state of being. Engage regularly in activities that are up-lifting. Running, painting, watching the sunset, spending time with the people you love will help make you feel good! One of my favorite ways is through movement – consciously led, or walking in nature – which has its own mood-boosting, healing benefits.

Get back in your body by focusing on your breathing and taking long, slow, natural, deep breaths; breathe in through your nose for a count of four and out through your mouth for four. As you focus on your breathing your mind becomes still.

Become aware of and notice your own signals and sensations that alert you when you’re resisting your feelings – tensions, constrictions, zoning out, so you know can move through the following stages.

Allow your feelings to express themselves without trying to change or give them meaning. They may just pass. Or, they may intensify or change to another type of feeling. Keep allowing. Relax with it.

Observe your experience without judgement. Thoughts may pop into your mind. Observe these too, without getting caught up in a ‘conversation.’ The voice is (most likely) that of your critical ego, arising from your limiting beliefs. This is not the voice of truth! Becoming conscious of your thoughts and patterns can help you reframe your choices.

Accept your ego as a part of who you are. By noticing your thoughts and feelings and allowing their energy to be as it is, it dissipates.

stone heartWhen you become more self-aware, deepen into your practice and orient more from your heart, your thoughts will naturally become more empowering. Your baseline will lift.

This process of allowing, observing and accepting helps the negative energy to be released naturally. As it passes, we feel a sense of spaciousness, expansion, stillness and clarity. From this space, we can receive our own inner wisdom, the whispers in our hearts, to guide us in our lives.

To support you in coming back into your natural state of being, I highly recommend a big dose of self-love. Delve into your meditative practice with loving kindness and compassion towards yourself.

Be gentle. You are de-layering what you thought was true about yourself to reveal your true nature.

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