A Good Day

Yesterday, as I made my way to the garbage chute in our temporary living quarters, I found myself opening the door and walking into someone else’s home. Clearly, my mind was a million miles away as it took me a few very confused seconds and a loudly barking dog to step back into my reality. It was an embarrassing reminder that I was living on auto-pilot and had drifted off course.

This beautifully produced video speaks to this global crisis of mindlessness and invites us to step into our day from a place of presence, of noticing, of appreciating the gifts of this amazing universe that surrounds and supports us.

I invite you to start your day with this brief message. Return to it throughout the day if need be, and perhaps end your day with this reminder that every experience of our day is a unique gift presented to each and every soul on the planet.

As we practice this practice, we begin to see ourselves and our world as interconnected. Our perception shifts and our worldview expands. And as our vibration rises, we become the ripple in the pond that has the power to change not only our day, but our planet as well.

A Good Day – Video by Brother David Steindl-Rast

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