A Paradigm Shift and a Headless Warrior

“Tarot reading is an art based on intuition, interpretation, and perception.
Tarot cards are your guidance.”
~Nikita Dudani

Tarot is another one of the primary tools in the toolbox that has supported my own personal transformation. This box is filled with unique, healing tools that have guided, supported, informed, led and sometimes carried me over the last few difficult years, peeling back layers to reveal the life I am living today. The probability is slim that you would be visiting this website (thank you) without the gifts of tarot and other energetic wisdom tools.

The symbolism in tarot is fascinating. The story that the cards have laid out for me each time I’ve had my tarot read (and I’ve done this many times) has been uncanny; describing my challenges, triumphs, obstacles and pathway as if I am an open book. My readings have provided great clarity and assurance that I am supported energetically every step of the way on my life journey.

Symbolism also presents itself in our dreams and can reflect our subconscious beliefs and messages from our mind. This makes me a bit uncomfortable since my dreams are sometimes surreal and bizarre.

For instance, in a dream awhile back, I was surrounded by beings of light. I recognized them, but couldn’t identify them. Then a stone cold, black marble head rolled down the cobblestone street between me and the light beings. Next thing I knew, I was driving my car over the head, and felt no regret about it. Creepy and disturbing on many levels.

tower cardA week or so later, in a casual tarot reading with friends, I drew this Tower card. Here, in part, is what the symbolism of this card represents:

 “The Tower, symbolizing the law of purification, represents a revolutionary cleansing of all levels of your being. The pre-Columbian Inca warrior jumping from the tower symbolizes the purging of your impurities (black tower). See the mental patterns and beliefs you must destroy (headless warrior)…… By leaping into the alchemist’s furnace, melt down the old inner and outer structure. Thus, a metamorphosis occurs, symbolized by the red-winged blackbird, the first bird to herald the return of spring. There is a new dawning and you restructure your life (the light in the tower).”

Whoa! So I’m not a crazy person? So the disturbing dream symbolized something great going on in my inner world instead of something disturbing and scary? Ahhhhhhh. Thank you. I needed that.

And now I can see in the rear view mirror, how pieces of my gigantic life puzzle fell easily into place. You see, this dream to create RumblStrips.com was incubating in my soul for years before it came to life. Sharing my experience and paving the way for others on a similar journey has become my lifeblood. Strangled by fear and self-doubt, I resisted it for as long as I could.

Then a series of energetic readings; tarot, astrology and palmistry all conspired on my behalf to lift the veil of separation. And then I found myself on the fast track to birth the seed that had been germinating for so long. After an extended period of self-examination, I had indeed, destroyed the mental patterns and beliefs that kept me separated me from my heart’s desire.

The result? The trajectory of my life has taken off in a new direction, at a faster pace and a higher vibration. This doesn’t mean I’m guaranteed freedom from the bumps along the journey. Not at all! But it does provide an alternative way to perceive and respond to the bumps, allow them to gently guide me back to smoother pavement.

If you had asked me a couple of years ago if RumblStrips.com would become a reality the answer would have been a resounding “no.” And then I’d quickly pull the covers up over my head again.

Thankfully, tarot, astrology and palmistry all had my back and guided me toward the universal energy and my heart that both had other plans. And I listened.

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