A Simple Step to Receiving What You Desire

“Until we can receive with an open heart,
we’re never really giving with an open heart.”

~Brené Brown

We all talk about wanting more….more abundance, more wealth,  better relationships, a relationship….and on it goes. But then someone gives us a simple compliment and we push it away saying things like, “Oh, it was really nothing, or Oh, I like your (fill in the blank,) or brushing it off quickly with an, “Oh, thanks” or worse, simply by not saying anything at all.

It doesn’t make sense. When we don’t receive a compliment, we are giving the universe the message that we don’t want all the abundance that we say we do. We are pushing away all the goodness, all the abundance the universe is attempting to give us.

This came screeching home to me last week when out of the blue I began to think about a review I had gotten a year ago for my book from a very prestigious book award organization.

I found out last March that I hadn’t won the award and in May, I received their review and rating of the book. I didn’t even want to open the email. Despite my fear, I watched as my finger pressed the keyboard and opened it anyway. I read the rating and the review through very disappointed eyes.

Then I called my publisher and told her what had I received. I had received 2 10’s out of 10 and my overall score was an 8. I received a written review that said, “one of my favorite memoirs, powerful, dramatic, riveting.”

My publisher exclaimed, “Why didn’t you win the award? In all my years I have never seen anyone get better than a 4 and hardly anyone has ever received a written review, let alone such an amazing review!” I heard her delight but honestly, I couldn’t receive it or the review. All I could receive was the disappointment at not having won the award.

After a year of deep disappointment, I knew I needed to revisit the review. After searching everywhere, I realized I hadn’t even saved it. I emailed the organization and they were able to send it to me. When I opened it again I was shocked at how good the review actually was.

offering giftHow often do you push away the goodness you are searching for?  If you are wanting to bring anything new into your life, I want you to observe yourself very closely. Do you accept compliments easily and fully? Or do you tend to push them aside? Or do you feel that you need to give the other person a compliment back. Just notice, without any judgment.

See a compliment as the universe giving you what you want.

Let’s say you want to bring a relationship into your life. And you begin to focus on it. And then you see a friend over lunch and she says, “I love your new dress.” Take a deep breath and receive it fully. When you say thank you, really look at her and receive the love she has just offered you. Feel it through your entire body. Let her compliment fill you up all the way. What does it feel like to receive love? Now, you may say, but I want love to come from a delicious man, not my friend.

Just remember, the universe starts where it’s easiest to get to you. And it will test you to see how ready you really are to receive what you say you want to receive. See a compliment as evidence that the universe is conspiring to bring you what you want to have in your life! Smile and thank your friend and the universe, know that this is the first step to having all the abundance, wealth and love that you are wanting in your life.

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About Ellen Newhouse

Ellen Newhouse is an author, healer & storyteller. She currently practices in Seattle, integrating Acupuncture with Sound Healing, Energy Medicine and Intuitive Coaching. Visit Ellen at www.ellennewhouse.com. Her memoir, “Nothing Ever Goes on Here” was published in 2014 and is available on Amazon at http://amzn.to/1KiqViH

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