Are Lunar Cycles Responsible for March Madness?

“As the moon shines the brightest, the darkness gets dissolved by the light”
~Anne Ribley

I’m going to step out on a limb here and vote “oh yeah” to this question – but it has nothing to do with basketball. Well, maybe it does.

March has been a wee bit over the top for me this year. Maybe it’s always been that way. But, since I began tuning in to lunar cycles last May, I’ve become more attuned to their energy. And March has been amped up energy for me this entire month!

Because the sun and the moon are part of the planetary system, the lunar cycles and astrological charts are naturally integrated. Although I’ve been interested in both astrology and lunar cycles since I was a teenager, I’ve never connected the dots between the two until this month’s madness manifested in my own life.

On February 23rd I started my day journaling about my (departed) Dad, shedding some layers of emotions that were ready to go. Within a few hours, half of our house had flooded with water from a broken pipe in the kitchen. It didn’t take long for me to question intuitively the connection between letting go of some emotions and the energetic washing away in our home.

I contacted astrologer Heather Ensworth (Feature Article February 2015) for some insight. In short, her response:

“I just checked your chart and transits for that day (February 23rd).  As soon as I read your email, my thought was Neptune.  When I checked your transit chart, Neptune was exactly opposite your Moon that day!  Neptune relates to water and floods but is also at a deeper level both supporting you in feeling what needs to be addressed emotionally and in releasing it.  So, yes, perfect timing! I often think that our houses mirror our own emotional process.

Jackpot! My curiosity kicked into high gear. Anticipating the April Feature Article about lunar cycles and rituals, I headed to author, Anne Ribley’s website to check out the March cycles. Whoa! Big stuff was happening in the sky!

March 20th provided a rare Supermoon total eclipse of the spring equinox sun as well as reaching new moon stage a few hours after its closest point to the earth in its orbit. Friday, March 20th became a day won’t soon forget.

I’d been anticipating this day and looking forward to the new moon writing ritual, hoping to get a few things off my chest. But, as it turned out, it’s been a very long time since I’ve had a day that felt as unstable as that day did.

moonrise over houseIn a state of total disorientation, I ultimately opted for a nap in hopes of finding some relief. Not so much. I gave in to the disorientation and vowed to engage in the ritual despite my state of mind. I’d give it what little I felt I had and follow through on my intention. I did my writing and used the burning bucket to send it to the heavens.

I slept like a rock that night. And when I awoke the next morning and every day since then, a physical ailment that has not responded to medical, physical and spiritual treatment for the better part of the last two years was over. Healed. Gone. OMG!

Making matters more interesting in the stages of the lunar cycle, is the upcoming full moon lunar eclipse happening on April 4th. Lasting about 5 minutes or so, this will be the shortest full moon eclipse of the 21st CENTURY! I’m setting my alarm for 4:58 AM Saturday morning because I don’t want to miss this!

What I find so interesting is how much I am feeling the energy of this month, and particularly these two weeks between the extraordinary solar system activities taking place. In addition to the amazing physical healing I have experienced, I feel super-charged and more than a little off-balance all at the same time. It’s been five weeks since the flood and not a single thing has moved forward to repair the damages to our home. The entire insurance process is in a total state of upheaval and our lives are in limbo.

And yet, I can feel that I am completely supported. I am aware of and can feel the momentum of my life changing, my trajectory shifting and my vibration rising.

So here I am, outing myself. Yes, I believe in the energy of the lunar cycles – the same energy that is responsible for moving the oceans every day – I believe it has the power to move our energy as well.

I engaged in my first full moon ritual almost a year ago after seeing someone’s post on Facebook. I googled rituals and found Anne Ribley – our Feature Article author for the month of April. Although it felt a little clumsy and awkward as journaled my intentions during the ritual, I was determined to stick with it.

As you can see from photo attached to this article, it was a beautiful spring night as I watched my wounds being lifted by the lunar energy from the flames in the burning bucket. And while I couldn’t really explain it, I intuitively knew without a shadow of a doubt that my energy around that issue had shifted in a big way. I felt peace around an issue I’d been longing for, for much of my life.

It is interesting to me how much I have learned about “energy forces” since the launch of It was a major topic I wanted to share with the audience; we learned very quickly that it is a very difficult subject to put into words.

I am realizing how aligned every article we’ve posted has been about energetic forces. And I am in awe of how much more aware of them I am now, after just two months of publication.

I am grateful to the writers who have unknowingly contributed so much wisdom around the ambiguous topic of “energy.” Don’t worry if it isn’t making sense to you yet. There is much more we’ll be sharing and we’re just getting started.

If you are curious or inspired, we invite you to join with millions around the world on Saturday, April 4th to align with the energy of the very unique full moon eclipse. Anne has provided information on how to perform the ritual. And you don’t need to tell anyone you’re participating.

May the force be with you.

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