Be The Change . . .

“They always say time changes things,
but you actually have to change them yourself.”

~Andy Warhol


Another year is closing its door! As we complete this year, I’d like for you to take an inventory of your year. What went well for you? What didn’t go so well? Then I’d like you to ask yourself this simple but profound question:

Are you the person to create the life you so desire? If so, fantastic!

If not, I’d like you to consider this: who would you need to be to create the life you desire? What qualities would you need to have? What education would you need to have? What skills would you need to have? And most importantly, what attitudes and beliefs would you need to have?

i believe successAs you create your lists, I’d like you to begin to start imagining the person you would need to become if you had all the criteria on your lists. What would this person look like? Act like? Would they feel deserving of having all the good you desire? Do you feel deserving of all the good you desire? What beliefs and attitudes do you need to release in order to bring this good into your life?

Now as you sit with all of this, I want you to imagine that you are now the person you wish to become. I want you to keep working with this image daily until you can actually feel the excitement and joy about being your new person. Feel it all the way down through your entire body and being.

As you do, I want you to sit in gratitude of having become the person of your own creation. As you sit in gratitude for becoming your most desired self, you actually become that person.

Thought creates energy and energy creates matter.

Know that your thoughts matter greatly. Whatever you can create in your mind, married with your emotions and held consistently will becomes your reality.

From this new you, what actions will you take? What new goals will you set for 2016? What new attitudes & beliefs do you now hold? Have fun with your new creation!

Welcome to your new you!

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