Beyond the Horoscope

“I have been criticized and ridiculed for turning to astrology,
but after a while, I reached the point where I didn’t care.”

~Nancy Reagan

My interest in astrology began as a young reader when I wondered what reason you could possibly have for NOT being interested in what your horoscope revealed in the daily newspaper. The questions became more serious when years later, being a Leo, I wondered whether marrying another Leo was a good idea (turns out it was).

More years would pass before my search for life’s true meaning inspired me to look beyond my horoscope and toward the heavens for guidance. My first professional astrological chart reading was exciting and posed a question I’ve been thinking about ever since. My chart revealed that I was destined to share my gifts with the world in a manner that was very far from my then-current career. The astrologer posed the direct question: “When are you going to start doing what you came here to do?” Well. Alrighty then. Guess I had some course correcting to do.

Fast forward a couple years and I’d be strongly encouraged to again have my chart read by Heather Ensworth, a Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist turned Astrologer. I dawdled awhile before committing, and then opted in, hoping for input in making the decision whether to launch – a concept I’d been pondering for several years. In hindsight, I realize it’s another example of the Universe supporting me by connecting me with the people and resources that are available to guide me in this decision and beyond.

astrological signs among starsI sent Heather my birth date, time and location and scheduled my appointment for a week later. I also provided her with high level information about the specifics of what I wanted to learn from this reading: primarily – was I on the path to toward fulfilling my life’s purpose? Could my chart provide insight regarding my physical health? And could anything in my chart help me understand and heal from some seriously difficult personal relationships? Pretty light topics, right? Those were my questions, but everyone decides for themselves what they want to learn from a reading.

My astrology reading was an inspired experience. From my birth chart I was able to make the connection between the position of the planets and stars at the moment I was born with my reason for being. It provided much greater understanding of the divine nature of my life experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly. I’ve learned that it’s all divine, ultimately serving the greater purpose of my soul’s journey.

My current chart confirms that I am exactly where I am meant to be and allows me to understand myself and see my gifts more clearly. Interestingly, I learned that Saturn moved into a new position (I don’t understand the science behind the art) in November of 2014 which meant that I would start to experience shifts and movement in new directions in my life. Interestingly, November 2014 was exactly when I decided to move forward and launch Mere coincidence? I think not.

In Heather’s words, “The birth chart gives us in-depth information about who we are, the important themes in our lives, the nature of our relationships and our spiritual purpose…Our lives are not determined by the planets and the stars, but are shaped by the energies of the Universe at the moment of our birth. In coming back into relationship with the wisdom of the Cosmos as it is revealed in the movements of the planets, we realize that we are not alone and that there is profound guidance available to us.”

I’m convinced that we are not intended to be living our lives without guidance from divine energy in all of its forms. And there are many. I learned much about myself and my life from having my chart read. It answered questions, confirmed hunches and most importantly, provided clarity. Another tool in my personal tool box!

See Heather Ensworth’s article “The Gift of Astrology – Guidance from the Stars and Planets.”

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