Bird Medicine: Open Your Vision, Voice and Wings

baby hawksWith Annie Thoe
Feldenkrais & Nature Awareness Teacher
March 3-6,
Mosswood Hollow Retreat Center, Duvall, WA

Thurs Eve – Sunday 4pm
Duvall, WA – 45 min from Seattle
(Shuttle Service From Seatac Airport Available)

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Lift your spirits and nourish your body. Learn from the birds how to expand our vision, hearing and senses to the environment. Guided Feldenkrais lessons and earth-based activities will tune your body, expand freedom in self-expression and insights for direction. Gently open eyes, shoulders and chest for greater freedom and ease of movement and voice. Open your creative flow.

About Annie Thoe

Annie Thoe, GCFP is a master practitioner and teacher of sensory learning from Seattle. She combines her clinical work of the Feldenkrais Method® with her naturalist education to move beyond injury or limitation toward one’s dreams. Her guided audio or video lessons are available at:

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