Book Review – Six-Word Lessons on Changing Habits: 100 Lessons to Stop Self-Sabotage

six word lessons book cvrAuthor Lauren Archer is clearly a multi-talented woman. Successful Hypnotherapist (see Feature Article May 2015) and Business Owner, she adds “Author” to her list of credentials.

Her book, Six-Word Lessons on Changing Habits: 100 Lessons to Stop Self-Sabotage,” is packed with tips and tools to support your habit change efforts. Cleverly written in the “Six-Word Lesson Series” style, spawned by legendary author, Ernest Hemingway, six word chapters and lesson titles are followed by a short, concisely written message.

This is a style geared toward a culture that has become conditioned to communicating and getting a message across briefly. And this subject matter fits the style of writing perfectly.

Lauren has successfully honed her tips and suggestions with intention. They are practical, authentic and supportive. She acknowledges the challenges faced in habit change, doesn’t minimize the commitment it takes, and provides positive support and inspiration for anyone in the process of behavior modications large or small.

Those who choose to live their lives with intention are role models for all of us. The book closes with a quote that says it all:

“I believe that as you set your intention and take positive action toward changing your habits,
you send invisible ripples of energy through the quantum field of time and space.
Your decision to gain mastery adds substance to the possibility that
more of us can make changes to the better.”
~Lauren Archer

Reviewer Recommendation: Six-Word Lessons on Changing Habits: 100 Lessons to Stop Self-Sabotage is a quick-read, reference style manual that you’ll can return to any time you notice your motivation toward behavior change waning.

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