Book Review: The Magician’s Way

William Whitecloud’s book “The Magician’s Way” walked into my life several years ago as a referral from a trusted friend. Her testimonial was “it’s the most transformational book I’ve ever read.” I was in.

Within a year or two I read the book four times, participated twice in a group study of his online course, and attended two workshops held by the author. The book is an easy, intriguing read that takes on more meaning when you learn that some of the events of the story are not fiction. I don’t want to give away any secrets, but activities I believed fictional are actually humanly possible – my own success at one of them proves it!

William’s life work is sharing, teaching and practicing “magic” and he walks his talk. This is about tuning into our intuition to identify and choose what we’d love, using our will to move us forward and then getting out of the way to allow the magic of the creative genius within us to propel us toward the end result. Boom. Magic happens.

This is all about perception, intention and then surrender.

I encourage you to watch this 2.5 min video – one of William’s best – to learn more about this life changing work.

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