Celebrating Growth, Energy and Possibility

“The month of May was come, when every lusty heart begins to blossom,
and to bring forth fruit.”

~Thomas Mallory

May presents the first signs of summer in many parts of the world, including the Pacific Northwest. Life is in full growth around us, resplendent with greens of all hues, blossoms, and filled with lively, baby animals. Life bursts forth with its great push towards the Sun. This is the time of the Green Man and Green Woman, the Lords of all Life.

May is ruled by the sign of Taurus, whose ruler is Venus. This is the country of the Hierophant and the Empress. We see Venus wearing the robes of the Empress when we look outside at the beautiful natural world at this time of year. Birth has occurred, and this is the time of growth, development, and expansion.

Each season of the solar year has its job to perform, its work to accomplish before the next door swings open on its great solar hinge timed to the turning of the earth as it performs the annular passage around the Sun. There is no resistance to this passage, happening like clockwork, year in and year out.

leaf on a treeFollowing this pattern in our own lives we perform these cycles of birth, growth, life, change, and death. The seed is planted, watered, weeded, flowers, fruits, is harvested, and returns to the Earth. The Empress represents these natural cycles. She loves her offspring every stage of the way. She nurtures, contains, supports, and pushes at the appointed time.

This May, encourage your own growth, love what has been birthed, and honor that which is passing away. Some parts of your life lay fallow in order to renew, some show beginning shoots pushing towards the light, while others lay in unturned ground, awaiting the tilling that prepares the soil. These past few months, even the last couple of years have been spent eliminating the old growth, the weeds, the pieces of your life that are no longer growing and flourishing. This has made room in the garden for new plantings which await one’s attention.

That last step of releasing, of pruning back, of pulling out of the soil is often the most difficult. One waits for the right moment, for that piece that fits into the plan. Much energy can be expended on holding this position and waiting for the right moment. When that moment arrives, and often not when expected, or in the way which was anticipated, then that great shove towards the new life and rebirth releases a burst of energy that is both liberating and simultaneously full of sadness.

The burden of the old is lifted and there is new space to be filled. Exciting possibilities await these new explorations, the new plantings. Step by step the soil is prepared awaiting the new growth.

This May, plant something you love in that freshly tilled soil. Your inner Empress is pregnant with possibilities, knowing that time and care will give birth to a new chapter in your life. Celebrate this lush time of growth and energy, breathe deeply of the green life force surrounding us wherever you may be.

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