Change Your Mind to Change Your Life

“Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening.”
~Lisa M. Hayes

Time flies during hypnotherapy. Or maybe it’s more like time is suspended. While fully aware of your surroundings, you become detached from your physical body, your sense of time falls away and, for me, I feel suspended in a place that’s neither here nor there. And I want to stay there forever.

That has been my experience with hypnotherapy sessions guided by Lauren Archer. I worked with her several times during the early days of my transformational journey. I came to each session with a vague purpose. Sessions start with a consultation where Lauren helps clarify your intention. In a comfortable conversation she then gathers information that she can translate into your personal hypnotherapy session.

change your mindLauren’s “hypnotic” voice guides you as you fall into a deep state of relaxation, completely aware of your surroundings, yet not at all interested in them. It feels like super-consciousness, or bliss. Lauren’s voice powerfully suggests new ways of thinking, new patterns of behavior, new thoughts and beliefs – all based upon your own specific goals and intentions. And all too soon she brings you back into your body and you step into reality with a new sense of calm.

As you head out the door and back into your daily routine, you are handed your own CD recording of your hypnotherapy session to be revisited as often as you like in the privacy of your own home.

For me it’s never felt like “another thing I had to add to my to-do list” each day. It’s been something I wanted to do – going back to that space of suspension where my brain was more open to the power of suggestion was a pleasant experience. Practicing self-hypnosis changes the course of your day in the same way meditation does. The difference, however, is that self-hypnosis can help rewrite some of your thought, belief and behavior patterns thereby reinforcing your personal goals and intentions, whatever they may be.

Hypnotherapy – another powerful transformational tool demystified. And no clucking like a chicken, guaranteed!

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  1. Mickey says:

    I am so grateful for your gift, Chance. You are such a creative writer who totally listens to the voice of the Lord as you write! I can tell! As I was feeling ࢚stuck≵ in the mundane today, I felt a nudge that I should come read one of your blogs – and here it is… perfect. Thank you for the accountability!

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