Clearing the Nooks, Crannies and Trunk in the Garage

“Space clearing helps you create that lovely energy
that feels so good to walk into.”

“There sure is a lot of family history out there,” Suzanne commented quizzically as she walked back into the house from the garage. “Do you mean some of the things our kids have stored out there?” I asked. “No,” she replied, “I mean from your lineage, from generations that came before you.” Interesting.

This was Suzanne Ragan Lentz’s first visit to my home, and in fact we had only recently met and knew very little about each other. Among her healing gifts, was her practice of energetic space clearing, a practice I’ve been interested in for years, and dabbled in periodically by “smudging” (sage burning) my house on cleaning day.

With the heavy damage our house had suffered from a burst water pipe recently, and the subsequent stress caused by insurance issues that delayed reconstruction for three months, we decided our house was a prime candidate for some energetic space clearing. It was broken and exhausted. It, like my own energy, was begging to release and be healed from the negative energy that had accumulated over the past few months. Our vibrations were sagging.

woman in atticSuzanne arrived on a sunny Saturday morning a few weeks ago, carrying with her the bag of tools she uses to perform the clearing; the biggest quartz rock I’ve ever seen, a glass for holding water, a small candle, two herbal swags and a jar with a mixture of salt and herbs.

We talked as she performed her cleansing ritual, sharing ourselves with each other. And, as the energy of the space began to shift and elevate, so too did my own energy. In hindsight, I would say that not only was the energy of our house cleared that day. I felt my own energy release, shift and heal around that experience as well.

It was several days later that it dawned on me that tucked away in the garage, hidden behind the appliances, sinks and hardware that had been removed from the house, was an old trunk. As the story goes, my grandmother brought this trunk with her when she immigrated to this country as a teenager. The trunk is filled with photo postcards that are more than a hundred years old. They bear simple messages from one family to another. And the photos are of the people, the families communicating with each other. They are a photo history of my family, my lineage, all locked away in this trunk in my garage.

Suzanne was unaware of its existence and yet she was fully aware of the energy of the trunk and its contents. Proof indeed that the energy of a thing or a person, their emotions and experiences can remain long after their physical manifestation has departed.

The energies of the trunk and its contents have been released and are now free to go. Our house feels more light and happy. Previous to the clearing I didn’t enjoy going there – I felt sad and defeated in its space. It’s been transformed and so have I. Reconstruction has finally begun and we are creating an entirely new environment, one that will be the same and yet very different. The stress and trauma of the past few months has receded. The house feels eager and so do I.

Are we glad we cleared the energy in our house? Yes. Will we do this again? You bet. I, personally experience the benefits and rewards of energy clearing sessions regularly. And since every element that makes up our house has its own energetic vibration too, it stands to reason that our home can benefit from energetic healing sessions as well.

All energy is connected. Therefore the vibration of the home and its inhabitants create an energetic field connecting with all that “is.” This provides yet another opportunity to be the ripple in the greater pond, ultimately creating, expanding and elevating the universe with every breath we take.

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