Connection: The Proof of Immortality is Closer than You Think

“Each contact with a human being is so rare, so precious, one should preserve it”
~Anais Nin

Those things that connect us are real; those things that divide us are not.

This bold and blanket statement has become my new litmus test as of late, to assess my relationship to the world around me and to act in alignment with my ultimate desire of remaining authentic and engaged with this miraculous gift we call life.

If this simple yet powerful assumption were overlaid upon any personal circumstance or global happening, just imagine the simplified clarity it could afford us. The need for kindness, mutual respect and shared interest, communal joy, cooperation, forgiveness and trust would rule the day. By the same magical token, fear, jealousy, war and oppression, judgment, apathy, and even death would be mere things of childish mythology and harmless parody. We would know and feel in every fiber of our being that there is absolutely nothing to fear and that we are one, with each other, in each other and for each other, now and forever.

In relation to death, recently a dedicated and varied group of modern scientists have espoused the emerging ideas that consciousness does in fact go on after our perceived notion of a body passing away.

Through the concepts of Multiverse Theory, Quantum Mechanics, and Biocentrism, we can now consider that we are not only connected to each other inseparably here on earth and in this life, but also in a myriad of other parallel earths and continuing lives. Interestingly these concepts have been understood and passed down for centuries in the oldest of our many world religions and ancient civilizations, and science as in many past instances is now seemingly corroborating and slowly catching up.

aunt-OlgaEven more recently, my own dear and precious Aunt Olga has made this transition we call death. The eldest and gentlest of my mother’s sisters is now in a different form and place, which by no accident is the central reason for my topic today.

As has happened to us all, the sudden loss, or perceived loss, of a loved one stirs and elicits these questioning thoughts and spiritual inquiries. For me, it has been an affecting clarifier as expressed above, and a powerful opportunity to test and share this eye-opening and heart-expanding idea of unending existence and connection.

In the past few days I have come to accept my mournful musings, and to feel more fully in the core of my intensified self-awareness, that in fact, connection is so much more than physical.

Love has no worldly limitations and our connection to each other is only as strong as our belief in it, with absolutely no constricting relationship to time or space or mental conditioning. We can change that intuitive feeling and grateful relatedness at will. Even now I am overwhelmed by this proof, as I have felt and visited the Love & Spirit of my beloved Tia Olga more in the last few days then I had ever visited the city in which she once lived for so many years. I have been gifted by this unseen connection in immeasurable conscious evolutions and artful inspirations by my mere thinking of her and feeling her uninterrupted Love for me.

I invite us now to see all of our interrelatedness in this new light, to cherish our infinite connections beyond geography and generations. Accept and receive these unending gifts so that we might act in this intensified gratitude and acknowledgment of each other every day and in every interaction. There is no need to wait for this realization in the transition of our next esteemed relation, we can feel the ethereal magic of each other now, and we can share this magic in our words and in our creations, and in our healing embraces.

I was gifted many beautiful insights recently by this mystical journey of my Tia Olga, and I would like to share one now with you. I pray it might act as a reminder to the proof and preciousness of our undeniable and infinite connection. It is a gift from an unseen place and so I offer it in great faith. May you always feel seen and may you Love beyond all fear.

“The Transformation of Infinite Presence”

Time and space are distractions, seeing and feeling are choices. Nothing is ever gone, and there is no here or there. There is only acceptance and experience; there is only an invitation to open more. There is only Love now. Those things that connect us are real; those things that divide us are not.

“Always Love Being Connected; Always Connected Being Love”
~Danny Donayre

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Danny Donayre is a father, certified life coach, transformational hypnotherapist, author and producer of inspirational media. His most recent book, 7 Years in 7 Days: A Life of Now, is a weekly-guided journal of original affirmations for inspired self-reflection and self-actualization. He co-produces a weekly FM talk show in Southern California called Inner Journey with Greg Friedman, where listeners can call in for support and insight on life’s toughest and most elusive questions, while hearing from in-studio guests that include some of the most renowned thinkers and healers in their respective fields. He loves soccer, nature, art & people. Visit him at:

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