Creating What We’d Love Through Intuitive Coaching

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”
~Steve Jobs

Never before, as a society, have we been so inundated with so much imagery, information and messaging about what it is to be and look successful. As a result, society is at its peak with pressure to achieve high levels of success. We fall into believing that our power and worth in life come through what we produce and the image that our lives project.

We all have problems, and sometimes ones that completely consume us. We spend sleepless nights worrying, and our daylight hours trying to come up with a solution. And therein lies the real problem.

As a consequence, we are motivated to find a way improve what we see as lacking in ourselves, what is missing from our lives and what we can do to fix it. Our fears and problems become the priority rather than aligning with our natural creative ability and passions. We see the power as being outside of ourselves.

Having a life coach to support us is a common practice these days. An entire industry has taken shape to accommodate the push to overcome our problems and achieve our goals of success. The styles and approaches of life coaching are as diverse as the results they deliver.

Ultimately, the value in any style of life coaching is to help us see where we are limiting ourselves, and learn how we can live our lives at a higher and more satisfying level.

The Consequences of Being Driven by Negative Vision

Negative vision arises when what we want is motivated by getting away from something we don’t want. It can be as simple as wanting a relationship because we can’t stand to be alone, or being a perpetual student because we don’t believe we know enough.

From the outset, wanting a relationship or to be educated are valid and viable things to have in life. But, often what is really driving us is what will ultimately determine the outcome we create.

Problem solving techniques and solutions are based on negative vision. The ultimate result of this focus is that it reinforces the problem and gives it more energy, giving us a more intense experience of what we were trying to get away from.

The needy, desperate person, while coming from their desperation will always end up alone.  The perpetual student will never discover their own authority while holding themselves under the authority of others.

As Psychologist Carl Jung said:

“All the greatest and most important problems of life are fundamentally insoluble….They can never be solved, but only outgrown.”

This “outgrowth’ requires a new level of consciousness.

Some higher or wider interest appeared on the patient’s horizon, and through this broadening of his or her outlook the insoluble problem lost its urgency.

It was not solved logically in its own terms but faded when confronted with a new and stronger life vision.

The Driving Force Behind What We Want

Think about something that you desire, or are going for in life. Why do want it? This is where a great coach can be invaluable. There are times when even the most conscious and aware person is unable to clearly identify what their underlying motivations are. Our consciousness is layered, it can easily confuse and conflict us with its different inputs.

The 2 Fundamental Modes of Operating in Life

 It is important to recognize the 2 fundamental modes of operating in life.

One is through our rational mind, the sum of our experiences, the identity we have developed and are dedicated to. It’s our default mode of operating that sees us as separate and incomplete and is ultimately seeking to resolve that sense of incompleteness. This mode is dedicated to problem solving and falls easily into negative vision.

The other is our inherent (intuitive) creative nature, the genius in us that makes new connections and creates effortlessly. It speaks to us of possibility through the voice of our intuition and urges us on by igniting our passion. This mode is available to us only when we can put aside our identitie’s preoccupation with fixing ourselves. It is dedicated to end results that we would love just for the sake of having them and engages our natural gifts and abilities.

These two modes live side by side within us. Our rational voice speaks loudly, communicating through our thoughts and feelings, and is seeking to fix itself, while the other, quieter, lighter, intuitive voice is seeking to create purely because that is what we are; highly creative beings.

Our intuition is the part of us that is connected to every thing. It provides access to a mode of awareness not associated with having to fix ourselves or our conditions.

It elevates us into the higher consciousness that Jung talks about and plants us powerfully on a path that leads to greatness, shining in the truth of who we are.

Living in our authenticity will attract everything else. This is what a life coach can help you discover in yourself.

Don’t settle for anything less.

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