Daily Self-care: Quieting the Mind

I took to the trails for the first time in far too long today. What a relief it was to lock arms with earth’s energy once again. It is a mild 46 degrees today, with partly sunny skies and calm winds. Sweatshirt weather. Children play in the streets, a game in progress at the tennis courts and several walkers and joggers out this mid-afternoon in early January.

I’ve forgotten how in sync I feel when I’m outside, particularly when I’m alone and walking. The damp smell of the earth and its vegetation will forever take me back to the woods of Northern Minnesota. It’s a fertile smell that makes me want to take a bite and chew. No matter what my mood is, the smell of Mother Earth makes things right for me again.

It takes but minutes to let go of the mental drama and turn my attention instead to the minute details of my environment. The pure perfection of it is so easily overlooked by the distraction of my perceived importance of daily activities and the “this and that” of my life.

finding-calmIt’s so easy to miss the beauty of the millions of miracles surrounding me in the drops of dew on a blade of grass, or the afternoon sunlight casting its glow through the branches of a leafless tree.

Today I need this reminder to shift my focus beyond the petty challenges of my day and inhale deeply the grandeur of this planet.

How perfectly aligned it is. How peacefully it coexists and how it effortlessly it flows from one day to the next, one season to another, year after year. Nature just is. It does not worry about getting it right or striving for perfection. It is busy just being. There is no pressure to look a certain way or compete for resources. Nature doesn’t cast judgment on itself or other elements or even us. It knows that everything is as it should be and life will continue to take of care itself.

I believe in that. I trust that. And occasionally, like today, I’m grateful to be

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