Deep Cleaning the Energy of Your Home

deep cleaning home 3“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”
~Nikola Tesla

Energetic space clearing or cleansing is the act of removing lower frequency or negative entities or energy from residential or commercial properties and inviting in higher frequency or positive energy. This is accomplished through a combination of working energetically on the quantum level as well as through the use of tools such as sage, sweetgrass, candlelight, and salt.

Space clearing is often used in newly purchased homes in which the previous owners divorced or where unhappy or died, to bring harmony to a family in discord, if you are having trouble selling your home, and during major and minor renovation or remodeling. In essence, the clearing helps people feel comfortable and peaceful in their home.

deep cleaning home 1An energetic shadow from previous owners, tenants, uses of the land, or emotions and situations that have occurred can stay attached to a property long after it has been sold and the tenants have moved away. This is because we are each made of energy on the subatomic level. Emotions are energy. Arguments are energy.

Since at our essence, each of us is energy, upon death we may choose to not transition to the astral plane. This is the case of ghosts or haunted dwellings. Ghosts tend to have had a traumatic death. Though it is perfectly reasonable for any person who has recently died to check in on their loved ones and hang out for a few days prior to transitioning to the astral plane.

When I was thirteen, my parents purchased and moved us into a house in which the pervious owner’s wife died traumatically. There were many nights in which I would see her at the end of the hall until she transitioned a couple of years later. And most recently, my upstairs neighbor passed with a number of us in the building experiencing a visitation before her transition.


Since the beginning of time, our ancestors all over the world have burned leaves, twigs, and sap of numerous plants and trees in order to purify both the human body and the spaces they lived, heal illnesses, and send their prayers up to the heavens. This practice evolved into the creation of incense made from frankincense, myrrh, and other botanicals. Incense has been traded along the Silk Road for 5000 years.

The use of incense is mentioned throughout the Old and New Testaments of the Bible and used in many religions: Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Being raised Catholic and attending parochial school, my fondest memories of mass center around the swinging of the censer and the wafting smoke of incense up to the rafters.

Indigenous peoples of the Americas traditionally smudge or burn sage (white or high desert), cedar, palo santo, copal, sweetgrass, and other plants, grasses, and trees. Their geographical location plays a large part in the botanical material chosen.

There have also been several studies in recent years highlighting the benefits of medicinal smoke and smudging. Particularly, Medicinal smoke reduces airborne bacteria , which proved that bacteria found in a closed room was reduced by 94% after burning medicinal herbs for an hour.

Mechanics of Energetic Space Clearing

My energetic space clearing toolkit includes either a white or high desert sage smudge stick, a braid of sweetgrass, a candle, a bowl, a small glass to hold water, a lighter, and kosher salt combined with a house clearing herbal mix. I also write an incantation, text unique to each client’s space, which is spoken while moving through the home or business.

I start by filling the glass with water, a practice started while living in Miami Beach almost two decades ago. Water absorbs lower frequency energy and transmutes it into a higher frequency, essentially purifying and blessing the space.

deep cleaning home 2The kosher salt and house clearing herbal mix is used around the perimeter of the home or property. I walk the property sprinkling the salt mix reciting an incantation to release all energy not in the highest good of those that live or work within the space.

Then we move inside where I go through the space three times — first with sage, next candlelight, and finally sweetgrass. The candle brings light to the dark places. Sage clears lower frequency or negative energy from the space. And sweetgrass brings in higher frequency or positive energy. It is important to use both sage and sweetgrass or equivalent herbs as the Universe is a vacuum. Meaning, the energetic space that is cleared must then be refilled with higher vibration energy. Otherwise, that space is left open to be filled with whatever is attracted to that space.

The following are case studies involving residential house clearing work I have performed for clients.

Newly Purchased Condo

Kathleen contacted me after hearing from her new neighbors that the previous owner of her condo was very unhappy towards the end of owning the apt. She had even become combative and argumentative with the other residents. Kathleen says, “I didn’t want that negative energy in my new home that I love.”

Post-clearing, she noticed a change in the energy. Whereas she had not felt the negative energy before, her “home felt so much lighter after the clearing. Also, my cat used to go to the back of the closet where Suzanne found a spirit all the time. He no longer goes there. My guess is that he sensed the spirit and now it’s gone.”

Major House Remodel

Bevin and her husband were at the beginning of a major house remodel that included lifting their house and removing all the dirt from underneath to create a second floor. The process of getting to that point had been so long and arduous that it seemed to them like a good time to start fresh and put intention into the process of rebuilding.

After the house and property clearing, Bevin felt lighter. She says, “The process of our house remodel has been very slow, but at no point have I felt tortured by it, even when there was no sewer. And the neighbor who caused so much trouble in the past has made not one peep in the year since the clearing.”

“Even if you don’t believe in spiritual processes, it is helpful to set even the most minimal of intentions by asking someone for help getting your space right for you. If you do believe, and can commit to the process, it’s even better.”

Previous Owners Divorced

The previous owners of Michelle and John’s house had to sell because they were getting divorced. Michelle wanted to get that negative energy out of there. They were moving in with their one year old daughter and wanted all the positive energy available in their new home.

Michelle did not feel an immediate shift after the house cleansing. However, she did notice that their cat and dog that normally stay clear of each other began eating side by side and would even walk by each other without a hiss or a chase. She says, “This was a truly amazing and unexpected shift in their behavior!”


Energetically clearing space is a simple process to do yourself and something that I did a lot of prior to doing this work professionally. Choose two herbs, resins, or incense that you are drawn to or have a personal affinity with — one to clear the negative, the other to bring in the positive. Sage, cedar, rosemary are examples of clearing the negative with rose, lavender and sweetgrass bringing in the positive. If you are more comfortable hiring a professional, there are many wonderful practitioners out there and the service is relatively affordable.

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