Duality: Can Authenticity and Career Co-exist?

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all the others.”
~Brian Buffini

Some people are lucky, they know their life’s calling early on–or so it appears on this side of the not so green grass. From an early age, I’ve had multiple callings, loud sirens usually leading me in opposite directions. After decades of practice, I learned to keep my vocations (or voices) separate, neat, and tidy in their respective “boxes”. Or so I thought.

two headed coinThe current duo at odds has been the real estate broker and the Kundalini yoga teacher. The Realtor and yoga teacher have strong opinions about one another, some not so pleasant. Kundalini is not a gym class kind of yoga experience. It is a spiritually based practice (of course all yoga is, just not always taught that way). The Realtor fears her clients won’t take her seriously if they see her Kundalini side, especially decked out in white clothing, chanting, sitting on a sheep skin, and sporting a white turban. Fine (I think), keep this pair in their separate boxes. 

Recently starting at a new real estate office, the owner suggested that I attend the company’s annual convention in Las Vegas. Although not exactly your Vegas kind of gal, I went largely to network and bond with my new team.

Perhaps the most striking thing that happened was that during one of the social gatherings the owner suggested that I teach yoga in the upstairs loft room at the Camano Island real estate office. I’m not sure how we got around to this topic, but she seemed to know that I have a passion for yoga. I said, “but we chant!” So… “I wear white.” So… Not fazed by my responses she suggested, “just keep the classes before or after business hours”. I have always been careful to keep my yoga persona and my business persona separate, but now they are demanding integration. My conflict is, of course, an internal one. The two “sides” of me never seemed to have much in common–or do they.

Ironically, a significant take away from the convention was from the speaker, Brian Buffini, who urged that a consistent and genuine sense of gratitude makes a huge impact on one’s real estate career. First and foremost, it’s a business about relationships that come from the heart, not about the latest technology or phone app.

How interesting that the convention was largely about authenticity and being seen, and that the real estate part of my life is requiring the yogi to step forward and play in a bigger way. I can’t just hang out at my waterfront yoga studio and allow a handful of people to come to me. Kundalini yoga is not for everyone and I’m sure some will come and go. But that is not what matters–what counts is me opening up the boxes and allowing a fuller expression of who I am, without consideration of judgment.

At the end of the day, the real estate profession and Kundalini yoga both come down to serving the people in my community with gratitude. I am being called to task to “be seen,” to be authentic, and to fully live the life that I am meant to live without hiding one part in favor of the other.

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About Anne Taylor PhD

Anne Taylor, B.S., Ph.D., is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She also provides coaching/mentoring in the efficient integration of mind and body to diminish vulnerability to stress and illness. Her innovative method emphasizes biofeedback training to optimize the rhythm of the heart beat for wellbeing along with use of highly refined Kundalini yoga breathing and mediation techniques. This unique East/West approach is consistent with both current scientific literature and yogic healing methods that have stood the test of millennia. Anne is also a seasoned real estate broker specializing in waterfront properties in the Puget Sound area. Her success in real estate reflects her own healthy balance toward life and her heart-centered approach to assuring her clients comfort and happiness. Ultimately, the focus of Anne’s work is “home” whether it be approached through coaching to helping others to dwell more securely in their own heart, or as a real-estate broker where comfort and renewal are invited by a special new place to call home

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