Empowering Change Using the Moon’s Energetic Cycles!

“Healing and transformation isn’t something we do;
it’s something we allow and surrender to.”
Anne Ribley

Every month, as the moon achieves fullness, we are offered a powerful invitation for transforming change! The energetic movement of the moon has a powerful impact on life on Earth. The moon’s energetic pull moves the oceans and prevents them from becoming stagnant bodies of water.

Just like bodies of water on Earth, our human body is mainly comprised of water.  We can intuitively feel something pulling inside of us at certain peak times during the moon’s cycle. We are connected to this magnificent LIFE. However, states of disconnection can result in struggle and heightened imbalances. The natural energetic rhythm of the moon’s cycle creates connection and provides life restoration.

I became aware of the natural energetic power the moon cycles offer during a time when my life felt weighed down by complication and chaos. My life circumstances had morphed into complex energetic entanglements making it difficult for me to know what to do next. I did not know how I could possibly fix the massive red hot mess of business and financial chaos I found myself in, while my long-term marriage (that included two small children under the age of five) was also coming undone.

I was fortunate enough to have grown up in the self-improvement movement. The spiritual journey, motivational words, and mindfulness were all ingrained in my life. However, when I was struggling through one of my darkest times, I just couldn’t will enough positive thinking, positive belief or cosmic affirmations to put my life into the healthy alignment I desperately needed. Overwhelmed by the magnitude of what needed transformation, I searched for a simple way to find relief while creating a lasting life shift. When I discovered the powerful energetic cycles of the moon to synchronize and heal my own life, a natural ease and grace began to take place creating a miraculous transformation.

The energetic concepts are simple. As the moon shines the brightest, the darkness gets dissolved by the light. This simple natural concept points to a transformational path for us to follow. I began to pull upon the moon’s natural occurring cycles to release the dark energies that were weighing me down. Powerful change began immediately.

It’s also easy to see the direct impact the sun has on life. The sun represents the masculine outward energy related to Earth. Energetically, the sun gives a constant radiating energy.

The moon has direct impact on all of life too, although its energetic power is often overlooked. Life on Earth is sensitive to the moon’s movement. The moon represents feminine, receptive energy.  It influences the movement of cycles and the manifesting or birthing of new creations. The moon’s movement mirrors the fertility cycle of a woman’s reproductive body as it moves from the full phase (a time of shedding and release) to the new phase approximately fourteen and a half days later (a manifesting time).

moon over oceanConnecting to the synchronizing power of the moon can be highly transforming. This has long been known in the farming industry, and that is why the Farmer’s Almanac guides farmers to plant seeds during specific phases of the moon for the best results. The fishing industry has long known that the moon has a direct affect on the behavior of fish, and it influences whether or not the fishermen will have much success.

We can use the time of the full moon to reflect on what energy is pulling for a change. A relationship? A life configuration with money? Career? A job? A family situation? Heavy emotional energies or resentments? Long held grudges? Past hurts? A need for forgiveness in some form?

As we deepen our understandings of the boosting energies that are seeking balance during the time of the full moon, we can intentionally align ourselves toward nature’s restorative process of life healing. We can synchronize our soul’s desires with an outward congruent expression of what is ready to emerge.

For years now, I have been setting aside sacred time of intention during the full moon. I share this practice with my children too as a means to reflect and release with a simple spiritual ritual filled with soulful intentions. It doesn’t matter what age you are, what your religion is, or what country you live in. Prayer and soulful intention during the time of the full moon can have a transforming impact. Life circumstances are happening for all of us at every age, and we all have areas that need to be relinquished for fresh, new beginnings.

The full moon is a beautiful time for creating better balance and alignment with life. We can create a spiritually grounding practice of connection for internal spiritual housekeeping and letting go of what no longer serves us during the phase of the full moon.

Healing and transformation isn’t something we do; it’s something we allow and surrender to. Struggles are most often based on fear and disconnection. Fears can become buried as deep karmic layers and patterns from the past which in turn become dark, heavy baggage upon the soul.

Just like an airplane struggles to climb to higher altitudes when it is weighed down by too much baggage, the same concept applies to our own ascension. We can surrender, let go, and release the baggage that holds us back, allowing our spirits to climb to the higher altitudes with dreams and possibilities.

One moon cycle at a time, we can rise to the altitude of our dreams.

Let the full moon represent a beacon of light in the sky as a reminder that we are not alone. We are connected at the core to all that IS.

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Anne Ribley is a transformational writer and speaker on developing “soul stamina” to make life empowering changes. She is the creator of your Signature Soul Stamina Plan eCourse, a co-host for the Empower11 Show on iHeart Radio where the conversation explores empowering love, purpose, wealth, health and relationships. She shares free monthly events at AnneRibley.com on the “Miraculous Full Moon Ritual & Manifesting New Moon Ritual” — a site that is now facilitating a global movement of collective worldwide spiritual connection during the time of the full or new moon.

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