Entering the ‘Crack in the Wall;’ an African Adventure

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire,
you ‘will’ what you imagine and then you create what you ‘will.’”
~George Bernard Shaw

Africa, Africa. The sun sneaks up to the rim of the horizon and its light wakes up the masses to the wide eyed innocence of the African dawn. The bare branched trees along the ridge of the Magadzavane plateau stand in salute to the bleary-eyed sun stark against the moon washed sky.

africcan sunsetThis is Swaziland and William Whitecloud‘s Meet Your Writing Genius retreat. William, the author of The Magician’s Way has brought us to a place overlooking the Rift Valley of Africa and into the heart of his most recent book, The Last Shaman. Somewhere between Johannesburg and here we have been led through the ‘crack in the wall’ into a shamanic world.

As a bestselling author, William already has credibility. But in this other world he shows us that he is more than just an author, he is a transformational guide who reveals the secrets of high level creative function. I learn that I have it in me. I discover that when I let go of the need to know and drop into vulnerability I am connected to awe, wonder and my originality. In this space it is not so much about writing as about creating and that is where William’s mastery truly shines.

giraffesHidden away in the shadows of my mind there is a story that is magical and surreal creeping into the light; over the week of the retreat it has been nurtured and encouraged, it has a theme and qualities. It insists on non-sense and meaning, imagination and message, darkness and light. It is a tentative sketch with characters as simple outlines to be coloured in.

In the awesomeness of conception I am aware that the only functional standard of measurement that determines if my creation comes to light or not is whether I am writing.

Back in England the morning sickness of my resistance rears its ugly head. Fortunately this was a demon I got to look in the beady eye in Africa; distraction, dithering and writer’s block are illusions designed to keep me from the vulnerability of receiving. Giving them the power will kill the magic in me. William teaches us that creating what truly matters to us is about assigning the power to the vision and that is a function of choice. Meet Your Writing Genius opens up the space to write but its true gift is in learning how to create. That is the African gold I bought home with me.

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