Evolving Your Brain 101

Intro By Rita Graving

In my opinion, meditation is to the personal toolbox what the hammer is to a carpenter’s toolbox. It is the go-to piece, the one you rely on, the practice that, in and of itself, can change your life experience more than anything else.

In this video, we hear from Dr. Joe Dispenza, a leading edge thinker if the field of Quantum Physics and the study of the brain, the body, our habits and beliefs and our connection with the Quantum field. This is fascinating, ground breaking information that has the potential to truly, permanently, change your life.

This compelling video spells it out in layman’s terms, dispelling any scientific mystery that sometimes turns people off to marginally mainstream practices like meditation. It lays a solid foundation for Dr. Joe’s more recent, best-selling books, videos and workshops on the exciting new information being revealed in the scientific community about the absolute wonder of how we, mere mortals, can access the quantum field to manifest massive healing and change in our lives.

For more information visit www.drjoedispenza.com

No Cost Meditation Sources

There are many, many sources offering free, guided meditations online. Here is one source with lots of options. Find what resonates with you. Just start.

Hay House Meditations by Hay House on iTunes


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