How I “Found” a $100 Using the Magic and Miracle of Law of Attraction

“The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind.”
~Wayne W. Dyer

It’s true! I found a $100 bill … on purpose, by design and using the principles of the Law of Attraction.

With commitment, trust and a ‘let’s see how this LOA stuff really works attitude, my $100 bill was promptly delivered – lying in a theater parking lot – less than 36 hours of starting my manifestation process. It was a powerful and transformative experience that forever changed the way I create my outcomes and live into the magic life can offer.

I’ve been fascinated with, and by, the Law of Attraction long before it became the mainstream concept and trendy topic it has become. Matter of fact, it was back in 1989 when I first read Wayne Dyer’s then newest book, You’ll See It When You Believe It, that introduced me that very provocative possibility; we are the creators of our lives.

Until then I was living the outside-in thought process of “I’ll believe it when I see it”, sporting a skeptical and spiritually immature prove-it-to-me attitude.

But what I’ve always known about myself is that I get serious, really serious, about the things that both excite me and propel me into the world of possibilities, beyond how I’ve thought and experienced myself so far.

And so it was game on with the Law of Attraction!

I quickly became an avid student of personal development, constantly surprised that almost every book I chose in my quest to grow ended up being about that intriguing law. Crazy! And, every teacher that appeared in front of me led me forward steeped in that particular body of work. How does that work?!

Well it was actually the Law of Attraction in action, showing me how that powerful principle works: what I focus on and am fascinated with shows up in my life. Always.

So, in a quest to put what I was learning into action I adopted a game-like frame of mind 1-100-bill-11-10-2016with an eye on manifesting “things”. I kept it light, fun and focused on manifesting simple objects and then more ‘magical’ outcomes. I manifested butterflies, signs, a crisp $100 bill, jobs, unscheduled raises, trips, relationships, clients, even a condo with a view of a lake. And honestly, so much more.

I found magic and miracles around every corner; first believing, then seeing.

I also noticed that the Law of Attraction, being ever attentive to my patterns, narratives and beliefs, was revealing that I was busy thinking about some undesirable outcomes too, including a series of flat tires … my wake-up call.

I learned that I always got what I expected, not necessarily what I wanted, but certainly, what I believed and expected. The more I focused on “it”, talked about, “it” and fueled the “it” with emotion and belief, the more I experienced “it”.

You see, it goes both ways. It’s important to understand that the Law of Attraction doesn’t play favorites; to people, thoughts, beliefs, emotions and energy. It merely reveals to us where we’ve been putting our energy, attention and focus.

What an invitation that has been!

It’s been a summons to sit in observation, evolve my internal landscape and take full responsibility for circumstances and experiences. It’s been a call to trade in pain, patterns and redundancy for preferences. It’s about having a glimpse of who I want – and am ready – to be, and giving myself every advantage in life.

I’ve come to clearly see the potential and choice we all have, in every moment, to create our life by design or default. And over all these years of being a curious lab rat in my own life, I’ve been doing just that!

And that’s where the real magic and miracles lie – in waking up to the truth that on our soulful journeys we are called to more than we’ve been in the past; to intellectually, emotionally and spiritually mature, knowing ourselves as the creative authorities in our lives influencing our desired outcomes, reaching for mastery and having a whole lot of fun along the way.

I know this to be true, possible and the promise of that precise and dynamic universal law, the Law of Attraction. The more you learn about it and practice it, the better your life – every deliberate creation – gets!

We can have the things we want to have and be, the experiences we desire, and be the person we’ve always dreamed ourselves to be. I proudly stand as an ever-evolving example of that.

We all have the ability to experience ourselves this way. We all are capable of living into a fuller expression of ourselves. We all can choose, ahead of the events we want to experience and the things we want to be and have, to breathe belief and life into them first. We all can bring a compelling version of ourselves to life, being a dutiful servant to our own well-being and faithful to our penchants and longings.

It is an honor and privilege to live this way; to choose outcomes that hold a positive emotional resonance, to suspend dis-belief while focusing on and fueling the end results we desire, to live the future we’ve primed and self-actualize along the way.

It’s our birthright to know ourselves this way.

Join me in growing beyond the predictable. It is where your magic and miracles lie and it’s the very call to your own greatness.

If you are interested in exploring just how to put the Law of Attraction principles and practices to work in your life, reach out for a lively complimentary conversation to discuss how a coaching partnership can help you deliberately create more of what lights you up!

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Professional Life Coach, Nancy Carlstrom, CDC, has been awakening and guiding her international client base to create positive, sustainable change in their lives and careers for well over 12 years. She works closely with individuals, leaders, teams and businesses to develop transformational strength-based strategies, practices and mindsets that support one’s dreams and goals for a meaningful life – personally and professionally. As an accountability partner, ‘hold your feet to the fire’ instigator and unwavering champion for every client’s success, Nancy is passionately committed to helping people ignite their passion and initiate lasting change.

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