Free Your Body, Free Your Mind: 6 Simple Steps to Move From Stuck to Inspired

Everything is energy. That’s all there is to it.
This is not philosophy. This is physics.
~Albert Einstein

Many years ago, when I was first learning about energy healing, I was an avid Bon Jovi fan.  I believed their popular song “Lay Your Hands On Me” had been written for all of us ‘hands-on-healers’. I’d blast it in my car and sing along at the top of my voice. I got shivers when at the very beginning Jon Bon Jovi, in a deep, alluring voice, spoke the words: “if you want to free your body, you gotta free your mind.” The statement holds a lot of truth, and it’s certainly one I align with for much of my work. However, it’s also true the other way round.

Have you ever felt stuck trying to solve a problem or connect with creative inspiration and found that the more you sat and tried, the more stuck you felt?

Your head ached, your body tensed. You felt frustrated and anxious as the clock ticked and your deadline loomed, whilst you struggled to crack the issue.

This used to be my default approach. One that led to endless dissatisfaction and a lot of sleepless nights.

The problem is we’ve been brought up in a society that rewards hard work. That praises the ‘thinking, rational’ mind and hasn’t supported the value our bodies hold in helping us to access our higher functions of intuition and creativity.

Often over-looked is that our bodies and minds are connected. They are inseparable.  The brain and peripheral nervous system, the endocrine and immune systems, and all the organs of our body and all the emotional responses we have, share a common chemical language and are constantly communicating with one another.

Whilst traditional ‘sitting’ meditation can help to still our mind and open us up to our own wisdom and creativity, many people struggle to sit still, especially when they are feeling anxious.

So I offer you an alternative.

Everything is Energy

Did you know that everything in the Universe is energy? From a blade of grass, to the stars in the sky, to the chair you are sitting on. Everything is vibrating at its own unique frequency. Lower frequencies give the appearance of something being solid, and as the frequency gets higher, things appear less dense.

Even our emotions and thoughts are energies that vibrate at different frequencies.

When we feel stuck – it’s likely that we’re locked in a posture – probably hunched over with our head down. This posture aligns with specific thinking patterns.  Underlying these are our belief systems about what we think is possible and what’s not. So we’re literally stuck in our mind AND in our body. Like when a needle sticks on a record, or a CD keeps skipping, we keep repeating the same thoughts; it’s impossible to be creative and we’re certainly not clear-headed.

Our response to solving any issue we face is habitual. Creating a new, more empowering habitual response will support us in finding more creative solutions.

Get Moving

The quickest way to get our energy flowing again is to move! So our best bet is to develop a new habit that involves movement.

life-is-riding-a-bikeBegin by realising that those aches, pains and sensations we experience in our bodies when we’re stuck are actually signals telling us that what we’re doing isn’t working for us, and use these messages as a sign to move, until movement becomes our natural habit.

Just moving may open the gateway to fresh ideas. However, if you follow these simple steps and move with ‘intention’ you’ll naturally open to even greater levels of creativity and clarity – and you’ll find you can solve your problems faster, with more ease and grace.

  1. Become aware of your ‘signals’ for stuck-ness – learn to recognise when you’re stuck in your head. Notice your signals – aches and pains, the feeling of frustration etc. As soon as you become aware of these signals, stop.
  2. Let go – release your focus on the issue or problem you’re trying to figure out. For many people this can seem counter-intuitive, because we believe that if we take our attention away from our issue, we may run out of time and never find a solution. But, by letting it go you can tap in to a more creative source of energy.
  3. Get in motion – go and do something you love! Your energy will flow, your vibration will rise and aches, pains and anxiety will melt away. Rhythmical movement like running, walking, swimming or dancing can be extremely meditative. The repetitive motion re-energises you as oxygen circulates to all your cells, and by absorbing yourself in the activity, your mind will become still.  The key is to pick something you enjoy, and the rewards will be even greater if you can do this outside in nature.
  4. Set an intention – ask for an answer to your challenge. Be sure to focus on the result you want and not on the problem itself. Once you’ve asked, release any need to work it out and lose yourself in your activity.
  5. Allow – whilst immersed in your activity, stay open to receiving the perfect answer to your challenge. Absorbed in your activity, with a relaxed mind, your intuitive radar is like a radio antennae receiving information and guidance.  You’re naturally connected with your higher-functions, including creativity. You don’t need to look for it, simply allow it to come to you.
  6. Capture your ideas and take necessary action – as soon as you can, write down any information you received and engage your imagination in exploring creative solutions to your problem. The perfect idea may have popped into your head whilst doing your activity, or you may receive it as you start writing. And act as quickly as you can on your intuitive guidance to maintain momentum.

Please share in the comment section below how you get on with ‘freeing your body to free your mind’. I’d love to hear what insights you receive as you begin to create a new habit for yourself!

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Kirsty has been helping busy professionals improve their confidence, well-being and fulfilment for 20 years. She specialises in helping professional women who feel stuck or exhausted connect with their body, heart and intuition and create a beautiful life.

2 Responses to Free Your Body, Free Your Mind: 6 Simple Steps to Move From Stuck to Inspired

  1. What amazing vehicles are bodies are Kirsty. I believe we are all on an amazing journey of learning about the joy of reconnection through listening and honouring our bodies and in so doing, each other. Thank you for your wisdom and your inspiration. Dance, music and words have been by greatest allies throughout all of my life’s ups and downs. Dance movement is movement medicine as far as I can see and experience. Happy dancing <3

    • Rita Graving says:

      From Kirsty MacAndrew: “Thank you Christina, I agree, movement can most definitely be medicine – from stress relief, to having fun to opening us up to receive greater clarity and creativity. Happy dancing to you too!”

      Thank you for your comments Christina. Hope you enjoy our publication and visit us often ~ Rita Graving

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