Full Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse

BIG. BOLD. New Beginnings. Harvest Full Moon. Create your Miraculous Full Moon Ritual (more heregoo.gl/iSzvxy) and connect to this powerful energy surge to propel you strongly into harvesting your new growth cycle.

Many Moon Events All At Once = Big Life Movements
Super full moonThe lunar eclipse full moon occurs when the sun + moon + earth pass through a precise alignment of simultaneous sunrises/sunsets casting orangish/red tones on the moon referred to as a Blood Full Moon. This configuration energizes your connection to relationships and big life visions and goals. A Super Full Moon with total lunar eclipse is very rare. This is the first one in 33 years, and it won’t happen again for another 18.

With so many energetic astrological events happening at once, there have been rumors and prophecies around the idea of the world ending. What is really happening is the firm ending of an old paradigm in consciousness. Thankfully so, if you welcome the needed the shift in your own growth.

Whatever has been in process for you for quite some time with your relationships, connection and dreams can now move into their transformative changes for you with your willing openness.

Have you noticed a lot of attention in your thoughts and feelings around a certain relationship lately? Something in the relationship arena for you is ready for new energy and deeper connection.

Look to your life, and you will see the strongest karmic lessons you have been wrestling this past couple of years. You will know which of your “old” world thinking, living, or life patterns is now ending and ready for new.

The great news is that right now you can help usher in BIG, BOLD, NEW energy for creating your “new” world foundation of transformation.

Release. Let Go. Liberate. Transform.

The 5 Simple Steps to a Full Moon Ritual




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