Heal Your Energy and Get Unstuck

“To heal from the inside out is the key. “
~ Wynonna Judd

It took me a long time to try energy healing. And in hindsight I would call it the first tool I reached for on my healing journey. Although I had spent years in introspection, countless hours walking, practiced my own version of home-based yoga and read book after book on personal growth, the time came to admit it; I was stuck.

No longer could I function in state of what I pretended was “the blues.” I had to admit to myself that I was likely suffering from depression that was impacting my relationships and my family. I didn’t see a happy ending to the trajectory I was on. This was not the life I wanted to be living. And it was time to own it and do something about it. I knew I need support.

And so I tiptoed to the edge of the metaphorical, transformational pond, stuck my toes gingerly into the water and watched the ripple emerge. I had a professional relationship with someone I knew was an energy healer and began to connect with her on a personal level. We talked about energy healing and even though I really didn’t understand a lot of what she told me, I felt a pull toward what she was offering. And I surrendered.

Since those early days of my transformational journey that were actually not so long ago, I’ve done a lot of energy healing with multiple practitioners. Every one of them has their own style, and so each experience has been uniquely transformational.

man getting energy healingEnergy healing is deeply relaxing and takes you to a space of altered consciousness similar to meditation, hypnotherapy and even a great massage. Always aware of my surroundings and what is happening, the feelings of complete safety and surrender replace the barriers and rules imposed by my conscious mind.

Sometimes, but not always, I’ve felt the energy moving inside my body. I’ve heard the sound of balloons popping from inside my body as stuck energy moved and was released. I’ve felt and seen the most beautiful colors wash over and through me. I’ve heard more birds and airplanes than I could ever imagine. And I’ve smelled the fragrant scent of wild roses.

Almost always, I lose awareness of the physical boundaries of my body and am connected with the pure energy of my being, which if you’ve never experienced, probably sounds pretty strange. Trust me when I say, it is pure bliss.

And, other than the benefits of an hour of experiencing pure bliss, how has energy healing supported me on my journey?

Countless ways. I’ve come to know that living life from the inside-out is living consciously, intentionally and from a higher vibration. It is the fountainhead of our intuition, inspiration, creativity, authenticity and wisdom. It is our heart and soul. It is our source.

Energy healing provides the environment for all of our gifts to reveal themselves. It clears the path and paves the way for us to reach our true potential and purpose. Not in one fell swoop mind you – that would tip us over. But in bits a pieces, when we’re ready, the energy begins to shift and release, exposing new layers where elevated beliefs, experiences and feelings are waiting for us.

And if we are living from the inside out, it makes sense to start from a pure place. Energy clearing is like spring cleaning; we get to clean up our messes, decide what we want to keep and what we’re ready to get rid of. We don’t have to get rid of anything or everything. We keep what serves us and maybe rearrange things more to our liking. And then, when we feel the need, we do it again.

Energy healing provides a solid foundation for our pathway on this journey of life. And when we’ve done our work to clean-up and heal what’s going on inside of us, the changes begin to manifest in our outer world as well. This healing practice has served me well and supported me in my own metamorphosis. It’s a tool I will continue to use as I travel my path. Energy healing addresses our blocks and obstructions at their source, energizes rather than depletes, raises our vibration and opens our heart. The bonds of our pain and our wounds begin to unravel.

And as a result, freedom is within our reach.

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