Astrology in Everyday LifeHere are some ways in which astrology will and won’t work for you:

  • astrology won’t win the lottery for you
  • astrology won’t give you the ideal partner, although it can give you an idea characteristics of your ideal partner
  • astrology won’t resolve your relationship conflicts, although it can suggest ways in which you can do this
  • astrology won’t resolve your inner conflicts, although it can reveal the deepest sources for those conflicts
  • astrology won’t give you a better job or career, although it can show you where your excellence is
  • astrology won’t give you a better car or house, although it can show you how to do this
  • astrology won’t make you happier than you already choose to be
  • astrology won’t make you sadder than you already choose to be

Astrology can help you understand your strengths and your weaknesses. It can show you where you have excellence and where you still have to work. It can indicate the type of person you are and teach you how to relate to others in a better way.

Karmic astrology can give you indications about your current mission in this life, and about the mistakes you have made in the previous physical existences.

Previsional astrology [forecast] can give you information about favorable periods for different types of activities.

Astrology is a mirror of your current life, a toolset for living a more conscious existence, an invaluable resource for getting over your fears, your obstacles, and living a better, much happier life.

But, always remember that astrology is only the map, not the territory. The astrological chart will only show you your potential, but it will not do the job for you. You’ll always have your free will, and by using it, you can change everything in your world.

The planets are only showing you the way, but it is up to you to actually choose your personal path.

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