Using Lunar Rituals to Change Your Life

“Rituals can have a miraculous impact on our lives.
Rituals have a way of compressing energy into meaningful patterns that
shape our experiences and realities.”

~Anne Ribley

Rituals shape our lives. It is vitally important to know that habits follow rituals. Habits are well known to determine the quality of an empowering life.

orange moonHowever, to ensure higher success with our habits, know that both big and small rituals are shaping our lives. For example, there are rituals we do in the morning and at the end of the day. Those rituals set the stage for the types of habits that will form. We also have cultural rituals or traditions that create habits of reverence and connection.

The fastest track to making habits that stick and impact our lives is to create a ritual that supports them. Conversely, the quickest way for habits to fall apart is to not give them a ritual to follow. Habits follow rituals. Change the ritual and the habit will change along with it.

Rituals can have a miraculous impact on our lives. Rituals have a way of compressing energy into meaningful patterns that shape our experiences and realities. Rituals create the spiritual glue of connection to outcomes, results and impacts because they bridge life’s stability to its constancy and ultimately build momentum for manifesting intentions.

Connect. Create a Ritual. Transform.

The upcoming full moon will be a total lunar eclipse. Each new season brings new gifts. Some full moons have specific gifts and significance that can grace a certain healing and transformation. Total lunar eclipses hold transforming energy around relationships and show up as pink/blood full moons representing the heart of truth.

The very nature of the phenomenon symbolizes union and connection. A total lunar eclipse full moon is when the sun, moon and earth pass through a precise alignment of simultaneous sunrises and sunsets, casting pinkish red tones or a ring around the moon creating the pink/blood full moon.

This is a profound wonder of nature reminding us of the unifying power of connection!

Your life’s journey is your own, however, always know you are never alone. You can use the time of the full moon to create a ritual and connection.

The 5 Simple, Yet Magically Transformative, Steps of the Full Moon Ritual

To Be Done the Day Of, Day Before or Day After the Full Moon

  1. Create a sacred space with meditational music.
  2. “Write it right” on a piece of paper, all you would desire to relinquish. This includes all the darker aspects of your life, the more specific the better. These are the areas where you need Divine help to heal, whether it be something on the inside of you or a life situation.
  3. Set your list in the fireplace, and let the paper burn. (Always follow common sense fire safety)
  4. Announce these words aloud with full intention… I Release… I Relinquish… Be Gone!
  5. Stay open to the miraculous, and watch your prayers begin to manifest.

No problem, burden or heaviness of heart is too big or too small to ask for a healing shift. Transform your habits and create new rituals. Transform your relationships or any habit that needs a shift with a simple healing spiritual ritual during the full moon.

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