Hypnotherapy for Change!

“The mind is powerful, and you have more control than you think.”
~Scott D. Lewis

As it’s now just a bit over a month into the New Year, and as this is often the time people begin to become discouraged about their New Year’s resolutions, it seems like an appropriate time to explore hypnotherapy for change. Hypnotherapy may just be what you need to support you in making the changes you desire this year, instead of defaulting back to your familiar same mindset where change can’t occur.

Hypnotherapy is the skilled use of hypnosis to beneficially change the disempowering core beliefs and attitudes that govern our lives and keep the status quo running.

mind like an icebergUsing hypnotherapy to make changes in your overall health and well being and achieve the goals you have set up for yourself is like gardening. It allows you to access the fertile soil of your subconscious mind, where you can weed out old habits and attitudes. Once you’ve weeded out the old non serving habits and attitudes, you can then plant the new seeds of thoughts and behaviors which support your desired goals. Now the subconscious mind uses these new thoughts and behaviors as its focus. This is how change takes place.

So, what exactly is hypnosis? Although hypnosis seems to evoke watch swinging images and is the subject of much misunderstanding, it really is a very natural state. The state of hypnosis is referred to as a trance state, similar to daydreaming or zoning out. It’s a state you go in and out of frequently in your day.

In its simplest definition, hypnosis is a natural state of focused attention.

In this state, you are hyper aware and the boundaries between the conscious and subconscious mind are softened. This allows for desired changes to occur almost automatically, because when you are experiencing this state of trance you are open to receiving suggestions that are in alignment with the conscious changes you want to make.

When you are in hypnosis, you temporarily suspend the gatekeeper of the conscious mind and engage your imagination as if whatever you are imagining is real. Your body responds accordingly. So, if you imagine being in a calm place, perhaps in nature, where you feel very safe and secure and you are surrounded by beauty, your body will naturally respond to those images you create for yourself. Your heart rate will be slow and steady, your breathing will be easy and your pulse will reflect this state, too.

To experience hypnosis and get support on making desired changes, seek the support of a professional hypnotherapist who will guide you into a trance state. When you are guided into this inner focused state of hypnosis, you allow yourself to experience hypnosis

All hypnosis is really self hypnosis. You give yourself permission to go into hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to access the mind’s capabilities as a means to improve one’s life and support desired lifestyle changes.

connectionsThoughts are energy that produce clusters or networks of similar thoughts all firing together. The more you keep thinking the same thoughts or doing the same behaviors, the more closely knitted that network of nerve cells (neurons) become. It becomes a habit, a default pattern and a known pathway for the energy of your thoughts and neurons to take.

This is a good thing for many of our behaviors; you don’t want to be relearning how to tie your shoe laces each and every time you put them on. Yet, some of those repetitious thoughts and behaviors can keep you stuck in the path of no change.

In order to make changes, you need to change your thoughts and create new pathways.

Hypnotherapy provides the support system to help you create those new thoughts behaviors and new neural networks that will grow into the changes and goals you desire.

You can use hypnotherapy for stress management, weight release, motivational support, achieving fitness goals, getting unstuck on any issue, getting rid of cravings, health related issues, pain management, phobias, fears, and birthing.

Bottom line, if there’s something you want to change in your life, your powerful inner mind is key to making changes. Hypnotherapy is a change work agent!

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