I Dare You!

On the other side of darkness, I met the light.”
~Ellen Newhouse,
Nothing Ever Goes On Here

As we begin to come to a close for 2015, I am so grateful that I was invited by the universe last winter to step my game up. If you had told me then that I would be grateful for my long and arduous 4 month long passage into the underworld known so well known by the Greek maiden, Kore, who later becomes Queen Persephone, I would have told you, you were flat out crazy!

celebrate lifeLearning to surf such turbulent waters, fraught with fear, has now brought me to this time of great joy filled with abundant creativity, wonder and magic. The magic that I speak of is when we finally dare to recognize our true selves and stop playing according to old worn out beliefs or familial opinions about who we are or are supposed to be. When we realize that we are truly in charge of our lives and destiny, magic ensues everywhere!

Regardless of where you are right now, know that you indeed have the power to decide who you want to be and how you want your life to be! For 2016, decide to surrender any and all old false beliefs and notions that do not support you living into your highest creation of yourself! Here’s to an amazing year ahead!

Part of living into my fullest self is writing/performing a one-woman show based on my memoir, “Nothing Ever Goes On Here” that goes far beyond! This spoken word poem, “How Dare You?” is from my upcoming show.

Now your turn…..what goal(s) & projects will you create from your highest self & joy for all the world to see? Can’t wait to hear!

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How Dare You?

By Ellen Newhouse

How dare you
send live black wires
down my fleshy spine
and awaken the monsters
of my dark mind

How dare you
shout to the world
the truth I cannot
bear to face
will not face
for fear it might shatter
the one fantasy I’ve come to know as

How dare you
bust out of the glass cage
I am so suffocated and defined by
I do not dare to move

Tell me sister
How do you
twirl and dance about in naked ecstasy
for all the world to see
and dare to dream
a world caressed by love
not shackled by fear & hate

Dear brother
I have known such nights
where I could not escape the blackness of my own envy
the soot from burnt desires
the stench of fear
the isolation of self from self

I prayed
that grace would
give me a moment of relief
and carry me to the
shore of understanding

I dared to swim in the black waters of my own insanity
willing to be swallowed whole
by my unconscious,
risking complete annihilation
But nothing could’ve prepare me
for the sheer obliteration by your
silent accusations, your silent judgments

Frozen with fear
mystified by my own unrooting
I hung onto the edge of the world
by the strings of my sheer faith

Stop allowing these fear mongers
to convince you that
you are a liar and a thief
stop listening to their incessant chants:
“Freak, freak, freak.”

Stop pretending that you are small
when I have witnessed the grandeur of your soul
upon whose wings many have taken flight

When you speak
do not merely pluck at your vocal chords
allow the full resonance of your symphony

When you Act
Be merciful
Be courageous
Be kind

Know the full power hidden
in your transparent sound

I pray that the fire in your belly
will be greater that the fear in your mind
let the world be lit alive
by the wisdom of the ancients
heard through your soul song

About Ellen Newhouse

Ellen Newhouse is an author, healer & storyteller. She currently practices in Seattle, integrating Acupuncture with Sound Healing, Energy Medicine and Intuitive Coaching. Visit Ellen at www.ellennewhouse.com. Her memoir, “Nothing Ever Goes on Here” was published in 2014 and is available on Amazon at http://amzn.to/1KiqViH

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