Icarus Freedom

kite over wavesIcarus Freedom
Is a place to be
Icarus Freedom
Appeals to me

Lifting from earth
With a heart so strong
Open and empty
Knowing nothing is wrong

Energy coursing
Through energy’s veins
Breathing and heaving
Holding life’s reins

Roaring vibration
Drowning out sound
Pumping the pistons
Leaving the ground

Becoming a bird
Is a God-like feat
The rush of creation
A feeling so sweet

Remembering the myth
And the folly of man
The sun is a decoy
Not the end of the plan

The waxing and waning
Is life’s ebb and flow
Holding and hovering
The goal of the show

Icarus freedom
Is each moment in life
That I lift my vibration
And soar like a kite

To glide on the thermals
Between heaven and earth
Claiming the space
Where wisdom unfurls

Anne’s website is: www.crossingfrontiers.co.uk

Anne’s email address is: anne@crossingfrontiers.co.uk

About Anne Scott

Anne K. Scott believes the imagination serves the agenda of the heart. Her gift is the ability to harness her imagination and coach others in doing the same, to bring dreams to reality. She shares her passion for living, using and teaching the technology of imagination. Having unleashed her own inner Indiana Jones, her coaching can guide you in doing the same. She’ll support you in uncovering your unique gifts and equip you with the technology of imagination along the way. Visit her website http://www.crossingfrontiers.co.uk/ to learn more.

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