Inspiration … Found in an Unlikely Place!

“If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable,
you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is compromise.”

~Robert Fritz

I’ve been spending the last eight weeks on the opposite side of the country basking in the Florida sunshine rather than rusting in the Seattle rain at home. It’s glorious. It’s also amazing how quickly a new external environment can spark a very fresh internal query and conversation. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this; years ago I left Chicago to move to Hawaii where everything in those new surroundings also proved to be the catalyst of rapid change and positive growth.

footprints on the beachAs I wander the beach I find myself again taking a curious look at myself to honestly evaluate how I got to where I am now, and then put my stake in the ground for something more that leads to even higher levels of happiness and fulfillment. Just like on the beaches in Hawaii, I am again finding inspiration, this time on the Gulf of Mexico.

In order to find inspiration, we have to hustle for self-awareness asking courageous questions to understand the status quo and stories we may have unconsciously agreed to, those fresh desires that promise to bring us to life, and then launch ourselves into a bold cycle of change.

Do you know who you are?

Most of the time we view and live our lives through the lens of our past. Despite the parameters our past has laid on us, the core of who we innately are strives to feel good, to be more, and to reach for fulfillment through new and different experiences.

This question begged me to dig deep, to really lean in with unrelenting curiosity and come to own the exhilarating high-level truth … that I’m a spark of the Divine on my own exciting adventure. That empowering absolute has brought me alive again.

Do you know what happened to you?

Life is a culmination of our experiences built into stories, beliefs, attitudes and objections. We constantly recycle our thoughts, feelings and habits, re-living a lot of yesterday again today and tomorrow. What part of your life have you memorized, where have you fallen asleep, where have you quit yourself and settled for what you already know?

I’m more and more fascinated with my healthy ego (insert eye-roll!) and how often it creeps out to run the recycle show by being offended, entitled or victimized in my old story. Yes, I see exactly what has happened to me … until now!

Do you want to live this way?

Life can change in a nano-second when we get real and make a decision. Happy exactly where you are in life or are you ready for more? Are you at a break-down point or could it really be your break-through point? There’s power knowing that a vibrant future is right on the other side of your decision. The choice is always yours.

Two highly effective words that help me truthfully answer this question and always drive a better decision are “I CHOOSE.” I’ve been consciously putting these words in front of the thoughts I entertain and the words I speak. Those two words really wake me up to making more intellectually and emotionally mature decisions that inspire fresh outcomes.

What are you going to do about it?

Here’s your point of power: Assume responsibility for where you are and all that is happening in your life and take action – right now. Your thoughts, your patterns and your choices are the very reasons everything wanted and unwanted happens to you. With that knowledge you can embrace the truth that you really are in the driver’s seat and life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening for you.

I love this truth and have been busy creating additional “Powerful Principles I Live By” for myself. This kind of deep work gives me an intentional road map to follow and a way to educate my expectations and hold myself accountable.

If you are noticing that your life is feeling oh-too-familiar and predictable, you don’t need a beach to find inspiration. You need a journal, a quiet space and these powerful questions that invite you to be “in spirit” getting to know and own yourself and your life in new ways.

Lean in, all the soulful secrets and wisdom you seek are inside, waiting to see the light of day.

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About Nancy Carlstrom

Professional Life Coach, Nancy Carlstrom, CDC, has been awakening and guiding her international client base to create positive, sustainable change in their lives and careers for well over 12 years. She works closely with individuals, leaders, teams and businesses to develop transformational strength-based strategies, practices and mindsets that support one’s dreams and goals for a meaningful life – personally and professionally. As an accountability partner, ‘hold your feet to the fire’ instigator and unwavering champion for every client’s success, Nancy is passionately committed to helping people ignite their passion and initiate lasting change.

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