INTENTION: Your pathway to Peace, Joy, Clarity and Abundance

“Let love be the Intention within everything you do
and nothing shall ever be done in vain.”
-Anna Taylor

Intention is everything.

More specifically, Intention is the source of everything. No matter what we believe about our origins, purpose or destiny, we can all agree that without a catalyst, without a thought or desire for something, none of us would be here today.

Now why does that even matter and how might it positively affect any of our current lives? First let’s take a closer look at this seemingly presumptive claim about what exactly Intention is or means.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Intention as an aim or design, while assigning a medical meaning as well, which is the natural process of a healing wound. So Intention is both the desire of every moment as well as the chosen pathway toward that desire’s completion or fulfillment.

I propose a marvelous integration of these meanings, and suggest that we all stop to seize the transformative power of our Intention. Let us learn and employ our innate and amazing healing design!

intentions quoteIf Intention is the source of all things, has the power to heal wounds, and requires nothing more than our focus or aim, then just imagine the possibilities! Or better yet, just focus on them.

Here’s what I mean: let’s say we want a better relationship with a loved one but we keep hitting walls, or feeling like we need to be inside four rubber ones! How can the power of Intention save us and our sanity? Simply by deciding, or better yet designing, in our hearts and minds a new way of being and focusing in that relationship, we will bring about a completely new experience within it.

The concept of focusing on what we can control; our own aim and healing, can empower us to live directly and consistently within the state or design of our own choosing. We can have peace where we were once in conflict, be in joy amid situations of seeming despair, and feel in love with our lives regardless of all external circumstances or unexpected challenges.

I use Intention to remind me of the things I value most and want to experience in my own life. This practice of mindful remembering facilitates my own aim and healing process.

If, for example, I am in the car with my amazing adolescent son, and he is choosing to take a heaping load of built up frustration out on me, I stop and intend to love and appreciate him for exactly who he is in that moment, and to enjoy my rare and precious time in his presence. I voice my feelings, assert my boundaries and reinforce my parental guidelines, but all within the context of my empowering Intention. I am able to speak to him, experience him, and communicate to him from a profound and authentic place of love and appreciation.

The real magic is in how our Intentions are felt and understood even more deeply and clearly than our words. Our Intention blankets and colors our words and actions, which in turn often reflects and returns a matching response. It’s not always exactly what we want to see or hear, but it exists within a new context and thus affords us the new and more healing, Intentional experience.

There are many more ways and examples of how Intention creates and changes everything. But for now just intend to be open and try these new ways of aiming and healing for yourself.

Consciously decide in every situation to direct your heart and mind’s design.

I say, “it’s not what you plan, it’s what you plant.” So plant peace, joy, clarity and abundance with your Intention, and then just watch what happens!

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Danny Donayre is a father, certified life coach, transformational hypnotherapist, author and producer of inspirational media. His most recent book, 7 Years in 7 Days: A Life of Now, is a weekly-guided journal of original affirmations for inspired self-reflection and self-actualization. He co-produces a weekly FM talk show in Southern California called Inner Journey with Greg Friedman, where listeners can call in for support and insight on life’s toughest and most elusive questions, while hearing from in-studio guests that include some of the most renowned thinkers and healers in their respective fields. He loves soccer, nature, art & people. Visit him at:

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