Introduction to Self-Care Practices

Today we begin with a weekly series of home practice habits and tools around “self-care,” words that in all likelihood probably make you wary. As if we have time for another thing to do every day. I get it.

But we’re going to do it anyway because, truthfully, self-care practices will change the way you spend your time. And in doing so, will give you back your day.

Just remember this is a practice, which means what it says. We are going to practice these practices showing ourselves some kindness in the process. And that means, it’s about progress, not perfection.

audrey-lorde-quoteWe’re going to start with a series of short blogs shared by some kind folks across the pond. We’ll start slow and plant some mindfulness seeds with this post and the ones that will follow weekly for a few weeks.

We’ll be presenting additional tools today and weekly to build your self-care muscle.

We’ll leave you with this gentle reminder.

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