Little Help Please?

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

“What we know about you, Rita, is that you like to wrestle things to the ground before you’ll take action.” These are the words that replay in my mind whenever I’m stuck. I learned this fact about myself through the process of life coaching, which is one of the tools I keep at the ready in my personal transformation toolbox.

Of course, it took me awhile to wrestle down the decision to work with a coach. I had lots of excuses and reasons why it wasn’t” for me” – and they all boiled down to 4 simple letters: F E A R. But when the floundering finally became unbearable, I grabbed the lifeline that coaching has been for me and I began to unfold.

It’s interesting that it’s easier to pick up the phone and call a doctor when something is wrong with us physically than it is to get some help as we take on the challenges and ambiguities that life presents along the way.

We look outside for fixing what ails us – and that certainly has its place in life. But if we don’t take the time to look inside and acknowledge the troubled waters within we live a life of contradictions. To establish whole body health requires healing of both our body AND our mind. Just as the doctor can heal our body, a qualified life coach can help us heal our mind.

life coachingClearly, coaching has played a huge role in the difference between where I was in life a few short years ago and where I am today – like night and day difference. Coaching has helped me look at myself from the inside out. It’s my safety net, the place I can go and tell the truth without judgment from this person who has my back, is completely neutral (in a loving way) and with whom I have no baggage. There’s nothing I can say that will ruin their day and that allows me the freedom to tell the truth.

I’ve also learned through coaching to see myself in a different light. It’s challenged the structures and beliefs that no longer serve me. It also brings up issues I don’t necessarily want to look at and sometimes makes me feel very uncomfortable. But I also feel MY best interests are always being served and most importantly that I am safe.

Coaching has been a game changer and is a tool that I always go back to when the road gets bumpy. I believe we are on this planet to live our true nature and purpose and coaching helps me shine the light on what that is for me.

Perhaps this is the year to shine the light on your true nature and purpose too.

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