Love and Gratitude for a Transformational Experience

My mother passed away in September. The last few months, in fact the last few years, had been emotionally grueling because she was suffering from a number of illnesses. Yet, I’m so grateful for those last few years. Mom almost passed two years ago, and I believe she chose to hang-on to give us all a chance to come to terms with her leaving. She was the beloved matriarch of the family.

Meegan Skinners momThree days before Mom passed, she was unconscious for 10 hours. After a number of attempts, my father finally shook her awake. Upon awakening she told everyone that she had been to the Other Side, and was ready to go back again—thank you very much! This was very out of character for her, as she never gave much credence to spiritual matters or realms. Everyone was a bit shocked, and blamed it on a near death brain/chemical/delusion. But I knew otherwise.

In talking with Mom about her experience, she told me the Other Side was peaceful and lovely. She added that she now wondered why people are so scared of death … after all she was wasn’t going anywhere, she’d just be in a difference place. This felt like a miracle, and I was so relieved she was finally at peace.

She died three days later, peacefully in her sleep. And it gets more miraculous. The day she passed, I was driving home from the gym, and suddenly felt myself, my whole being lifted, like I was floating in the ethers. I experienced the most sublime sense of wellbeing. It’s hard to describe, but it was a feeling of no fear, no worry—just blissful joy and unlimited possibilities. When I came back to “Earth”, I thought, “Wow, that was weird, I wonder if Mom is okay.”

I got a call 25 minutes later that Mom had passed at the same moment I had my transcendental experience. I know it was her final gift to me, an experience of what’s it like to be truly unlimited and at peace! Thank you Mom.

Megan Skinner is a professional clairvoyant, spiritual counselor and author.

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