March Full Moon Eclipse

“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.”
~Mark Twain

Chiron with the South Node. What do you have to learn, what can you teach others?

moon over cloudsThe March 2016 Full Moon is a lunar eclipse, so the Moon is partially hidden; a penumbral lunar eclipse. This takes place when the Moon moves through the faint, outer part of the Earth’s shadow. This type of eclipse is often mistaken for a normal full Moon.

Routines, well-worn trails and patterns are concealed, so one must seek a new path, and follow subtle signs that hold personal meaning. The dark side of the moon is hit with the Sun’s light, which translates in metaphor as those archived ideas, where memories are awakened.

Aries Sun asks that you put yourself first. Wake up to the importance of self. Aries is ruled by the action-directed planet of Mars, which has recently moved into broad minded, truth seeking, Sagittarius.

Mars is part of that mutable muddle that occurred at the recent New Moon. Now, we have a new recipe, which includes cardinal energy. Cardinal energy is the “me first” energy of the zodiac. Those endowed with it, initiate, path find, and are way showers for others. At the time of the eclipse, Mars is located in the 11th house of groups, friends and associations. Who are you hanging out with? Who supports your quirky ideas? Who believes in you and supports you?

This 11th house fixed energy is also found in the second house and the eighth house which is emphasizing our own values, beliefs and how we can bond with others to help build something bigger than self. Synergy. Sun in the third house, Moon in the 9th house instructs us to communicate our wishes to a broader audience.

The Moon is being eclipsed in Libra. This is not about what others want, and how to conform. This is about you finding the resources you need to help you move forward.

Aries energy will emerge at the spring equinox. It takes a huge amount of energy to push that seedling through the soil to reach the heat and light of the Sun. All that energy that has been stored up throughout the winter and fertilized at the recent new moon, now rockets forth toward the new chapter. Out of the darkness, gestating deep in the moist, fecund earth, ready to burst forth into the hot dry life supported by the Sun’s rays. No fence sitting, no second guessing, time to push forward.

Saturn and Jupiter are still doing the push me-pull you dance, suggesting where the load needs to be lightened and where the work needs to be done. North Node with Jupiter shines your light down a particular path.

Chiron, whispering to that South Node, reminds you to shake out the cobwebs and focus on your own path. Never mind, what everyone else is doing. Focus on your own horizon for the signs of a new dawning. Justice is being eclipsed. The Emperor raises his shining sword and points out the path. The Tower tumbles, freeing up movement, and healing deep hurts.

The Moon offers inner knowing, along with judgement’s wake up call. The wheel is slowly spinning in reverse and The Magician is having things appear and disappear. The World is beckoning and the Empress reminds you of the importance of cycles.  Everything in its own time. Go outside, pre-dawn, and moon bathe in the energy of this eclipse and then go forth into the new day.

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