Mercury Retrograde in Libra: Finding Relationship Balance!

“Perhaps Mercury’s retrograde periods can cause our plans to go awry.
However, this is an excellent time to reflect of the past.
Intuition is high and coincidences can be extraordinary.

~Farmers Almanac

This Mercury Retrograde (September 17th through October 9th) is in the sign of Libra, highlighting the realm of relationships, the cosmic dance between self and others. Libra also rules balance, fairness and justice.

retrograde moonA retrograde period is nothing to fear, in fact, just the opposite! With the right perspective it can be an extraordinary time of gaining deeper perspective on how/why/when to move your life forward, powerfully (and more clearly) when Mercury goes direct. This MR points to a period of rebalancing aspects of your life that are out of alignment, especially on the relationship front.

So this MR point your compass towards transformation! Your North Star now lies in exploring your relationships and how they can help you understand and expand your life. For now, they are truly a mirror to your soul!

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