“We are all energy and connected to each other. Love is what will save us.
We must all love each other because on the inside, we are all the same.”

Wise words, spoken in broken English by the middle-aged, Egyptian driver reflecting on the election while taking me to the airport last week. Words that sent shivers up my spine.10-27-2016-purchased-from-shutterstock

Here in the US, we are on the eve of one of the most divisive elections in modern times, exposing some of our greatest current social challenges, highlighting moral differences and shining a light on the importance of the myriad of choices and decisions made daily on our behalf.

What appears to be playing out more dramatically in this election than in past elections, is the human factor. We hold our leaders to a higher standard of ethics and behavior and rightly so. But it’s also important to remember that the government is a combination of the same thing that comprises every family, community, business and country in the world: people.

As my Egyptian driver stated so simply, ”on the inside we are all the same.”

And, I would add, we are all energetically connected to each other and the energy of this planet that we share. Our individuality is simply a facet of our human experience that will fall away into nothingness when we transition from this lifetime. Eventually we will ALL become one with the greatness of universal energy, whatever name you choose to call it.

So, where is the light in this sometimes dark state of affairs? It lies within us. Perhaps this is part of the global evolution that is occurring. Perhaps it is time for us to step up, to stand for what we believe in regardless of the antics of the world’s governments. Perhaps we need to lead our leaders!

As we go through the next few weeks and months, choose to be the light rather than part of the darkness we see and hear each day. Turn off the TV and focus on living. Be kind to people, even when they are speaking or acting in ways you don’t agree with. Take the high road, be honest, act with integrity and shine a light on the inherent good in others in this country as well as others. Become a beacon of light for others and they will follow your lead.

Someone will win this election and become the new President and life will go on. Wonderful things will happen and tragic things will happen. It is how we move forward that is our opportunity to be an individual contributor as a change agent for our planet.

Whomever becomes President is irrelevant if the people they govern don’t live their own lives with integrity, inspiration and for the greater good of the planet – the same expectations we have for our leaders.



  1. Excellent article, Rita! I love how you emphasize how we must all live our own lives in integrity and inspiration. How can we expect our “leaders” to do so, if we ourselves are not being accountable for the energy we give forth!

    Thank you for this inspiration!

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