Planning Your Summer? How About Your LIFE?

“Live Your Life on Purpose.”

Summertime is here!

Believe it or not, the beginning of summer is the time of year, bar none, when we do most of our long-term planning, even though that detailed planning is for only a month or two in advance.

We start by identifying the emotion-driven goals we want to experience, strategize how to accomplish them, and then get into action so our summer objectives become our reality.

It’s a great formula that has us as the powerful catalyst for what we want.

Now how about your life and all the different aspects of it?

woman on road w suitcaseAre you planning with all the fervor that you plan your summertime activities; looking at possibilities, contemplating details, covering bases, and designing your plan of action? When you do, life opens up and you really do get more of what you want. Give it a try.

Where are you going?

Acknowledge your heart’s desire, that dream you’ve tucked away or something you would do if you really gave yourself permission. You will be better able to understand what is calling you forward and what happiness and success look like to you.

How will you get there?

What are your skills, strengths and talents that will support you along the way? What are the behaviors and action steps that will get you where you want to be? Turning perceived obstacles into opportunities changes the trajectory and destination of your journey.

Who will join you?

What types of people fuel you and bring out the best in you? Look for those you can learn from, coach or mentor with, model the thoughts and actions of; they shorten your learning curve.

Focus on the positive and possibilities.

When planning the summer, you’re future tripping and your thoughts are occupied with activities that make you happy, people who enliven you, and experiences that make all the planning worthwhile. Use this forward thinking strategy for your life too, waking up your possibilities and producing positive change and desirable results.

You came to experience life fully. Start dreaming and planning today!

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About Nancy Carlstrom

Professional Life Coach, Nancy Carlstrom, CDC, has been awakening and guiding her international client base to create positive, sustainable change in their lives and careers for well over 12 years. She works closely with individuals, leaders, teams and businesses to develop transformational strength-based strategies, practices and mindsets that support one’s dreams and goals for a meaningful life – personally and professionally. As an accountability partner, ‘hold your feet to the fire’ instigator and unwavering champion for every client’s success, Nancy is passionately committed to helping people ignite their passion and initiate lasting change.

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