Pluto and the Judgement Card

“Pluto is considered ‘The Great Transformer’ of the cosmos and is epitomized
by Einstein’s dictum that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.”

Pluto, in western astrology, is associated with transformation, profound inner change, the releasing of old patterns, outworn relationships and situations that no longer serve our current needs.

Power, partings and penetration to the essence are phrases that ring with Pluto imagery. Tuning us in to a connection with our own inner truth, and is the compass that guides our actions and helps us navigate the currents of our life. Pluto asks us to listen, to listen to what is calling to us. Our own special song.

As god of the underworld, Pluto goes deep within, tearing apart carefully established constructs that serve as fences and boundaries to keep those unpleasant memories and emotions at bay.

Pluto energy strips away pretense, leaving us raw, vulnerable, fragile and exposed. And then, we become cleansed, reborn, renewed, trusting and forgiving. We say goodbye to those parts of our life that are merely filling space and reclaim that sacred emptiness.

motorcyclePluto is linked to the Judgement card in the Tarot. Judgement concerns itself with making judgements. Time to leave, time to let go, time to wake up.

Judgement promises renewal, a joyful awakening to something that has lain sleeping, that has been lost or hidden within the deep recesses of self.

The figures on the Judgement card are rejoicing and celebrating. They are in wonderment at this lightening of the load, and of being brought back into the light of awareness, from the darkness of fear, depression, confusion, apathy, unhappiness and rage.

Judgement is connected with the Hebrew letter, Shin, which means tooth. Chewing it up, spitting it out, digesting the information and excreting the refuse. Cleaning, clearing, disposing, and composting. Through the heat of emotion, air of thought, water of tears, one prepares the ground for new growth. Choosing the foods, i.e. the people, the work, the environments that you hunger for, that support you, that call to only you. This is what awaits one as they cross the Pluto threshold.

As Pluto turns retrograde in the heavens, we turn within, looking down that long dark tunnel for the light that burns brightly. We are the hunter, the explorer, the rider on the currents of our own desires as we seek to ‘know.’ The knowing is Pluto leading us to our truth.

The current Pluto retrograde takes us back to 2007, when Pluto first entered the sign of Capricorn. It has finished its long term square with Uranus (The Fool).

Many years from now, you will realize the deep shifts that occurred in your life at this time. There may be turning around of significant events, the replaying of memories, vivid and emotional. You are reviewing, releasing, and awakening. Your inner landscape is shifting, as the tectonic plates of the Earth shift, releasing energy slowly and gradually reshaping your external landscape.

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