Set Yourself Free with 3 Simple Questions

“I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”
~William Ernest Henley, Invictus

“You have to participate in your own rescue.” I remember those words vividly.

I was at an event, nodding my understanding of what the speaker was sharing, having just self-healed two suspected cancers. After four years living in fear and 12 operations to remove a mix of cancerous and benign growths, I was done giving my power away.

Years later, those words still echo in my mind whenever I’m faced with a challenge. With good reason. Despite transforming my health, I’ve still given my power away in other areas of my life, and made others responsible, with drastic consequences.

Unconsciously, on some level, I believed this would keep me safe.

There’s always a perceived gain when we make others responsible for us, and we need to recognize what this is.

Responsibility often conjures up a sense of dread or burden. But when you choose to own everything about yourself and your life, you set yourself free.

What is freedom?

Many people have a warped sense of what freedom is. I know I did.

When you think about freedom, what springs to mind? Is it quitting your job and traveling the world? Or having enough money so you never have to work again? Or is it being disease-free and enjoying vibrant health, or leaving a relationship where you feel trapped?

These may be true for you. But their accomplishment isn’t where true freedom lies.

True freedom is an inner experience. It comes from total acceptance of the whole of who you are. And it comes from taking responsibility.

Taking responsibility

Time and again I’ve heard the phrase: “you are 100% responsible for your results in life.” I thought I was on board with this, until I realised I had a whopping “but” lurking mischievously at the edge of my consciousness.

Secretly I harboured my own ‘get-out’ clause where I believed certain circumstances and happenings made this untrue. It was my “get out of jail” card from my perceived prison of responsibility.

Alas, it was the very thing that imprisoned me.

Why responsibility is freedom

9-15-2016-fb-article-and-homepageTaking responsibility gives you choice. It puts you in the driving seat of your life. It allows you to see the part you play in what’s happening in your life and gives you the chance to change it.

Taking responsibility takes you out of being a victim, and enables you to be the victor.

It’s not about blaming yourself. It’s about compassionately understanding that what you put out energetically, through your beliefs, thoughts and actions, you get back. Perhaps not in the same way, but vibrationally, it will match.

It’s about knowing you can rely on yourself.  So you can make your deepest desires a reality.  And when the chips are down, you’ll more than make it.

Responsibility’s co-pilot is awareness

When you’re aware of how you give away your power, through actions and projections, and how you sabotage yourself, you can choose something different.

You can choose instead to be responsible for your happiness, health, finances, relationships. And you can go all out for what you really want.

This doesn’t mean doing everything yourself.  It simply means taking ownership for yourself and your results.  And sometimes the smartest thing to do is ask for help.

Set yourself free with 3 simple questions:

  • Where do I give responsibility away or expect someone else to take care of me? (Where do I need to take responsibility?)
  • What do I gain by making someone else responsible for me and my results?
  • What action can I take to reclaim responsibility for myself and my life?

 Start with a decision to take responsibility:

  • be honest about what you really want – listen to your heart
  • acknowledge and accept where you are right now
  • then look at what steps you can take to close the gap – I recommend doing this intuitively, as your logical mind is limited by past experiences.

And enjoy the freedom this brings, and the great surge of power and inner strength that will grow along with a deeper sense of self-love and respect.

After years of experience, I’m inclined to suggest you lead, not just participate in your own rescue.  Do this, and life will show you how it has your back.

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