Silly Old Mercury Retrograde

“Steel yourself. Breathe deeply. Resist the urge to lash out.
Eventually, Mercury Retrograde will be over.”

Mercury Retrograde. Mercury Rx.

Chances are good that you have heard of this phenomena, even if you know little about astrology.

A few times a year, for approximately a three week period, the planet Mercury seems to slow down, and switch directions in its passage across the heavens. This is due to the varying speeds of the planets as they roll around the sun, and their position in this tableau in relation to each other.

Passing and being passed. As they disappear in the rear view mirror, it appears as if they are moving backwards. Mercury, the god from Roman myth had silver wings on his heels and was a traveler from the underworld to the heavens. He excelled in swift flights from place to place. One found him at crossroads, in the artisans’ tent, in a library, a store, on the street, and of course, the messenger of our thoughts, carrying them from the unconscious to the conscious mind.

Associated with boundaries, travelers, tricksters and thieves, his swift changes of pace and direction give rise to the word, mercurial and quicksilver. He carries the caduceus, the winged staff with entwining snakes, which is the hallmark of the physician.

relax quoteQuick witted, acute observer, and a glib tongue are all accoutrements of this ambivalent and ambidextrous figure.

Double trouble is on the menu          

And now, this silly old Mercury, is doing all of this in reverse, in his home sign of Gemini, The Twins. Double trouble is on the menu. Not to worry, though.

This retrograde period is a time to reconsider, to review, to pay attention to detail, to renew, release, and remind. Previously hidden information floats to the surface, helping sort out a difficult issue. This is the time to use your intuition, and, most importantly, take the time to consider and reconsider. Backwards, upside down, and reversals bring a new perspective and alternate viewpoints.

Mercury RX accomplishes this through breakdowns, breakups, missed appointments, computer malfunctions. Slowing us down, turning us inward, and catching us up with unfinished work.


Mercury was credited with inventing the lyre out of a turtle shell. A musician, finding the correct instrument, the tool to create your own masterpiece. Silly old Mercury retrograde does all these things by asking us to both speak and receive truth.

Mercury is associated with the Magician card in the Tarot. Use the tools you have to manifest what you choose.

toolboxThe retrograde period has you revisiting your toolbox, to find what you might have overlooked. Mercury Retrograde has the reputation of confusion, scattered energy, poor decision making. But, that silly old god is playing games with you.

Slow down, your options are expanding, you can focus on that one thing that needs to be completed. Do it, and do it well.

The craftsmanship of Mercury uses the RX period to manage the details, to consider what is missing or lacking and to refine the finished product. In addition, this particular retrograde occurred at the Taurus New Moon. The strength and willpower of The Bull is yours to use to drive that Gemini car towards its destination, even if it is in reverse.

Use that rearview mirror, slow down, and pay attention.

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