Sit Down

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.”

Lately, a lot of unexpected, not really welcome experiences have been landing with many people I know, myself included. Rumblings of overwhelm, feeling out of balance, over-extended and stressed out are rampant. It’s been comforting to know that it wasn’t just me and I welcomed the odd camaraderie of the fact we were all going through it together.

But, things happens when you don’t pay attention to those taps on the shoulder. You see, they’re warning signals. As Oprah says, “it starts with a whisper.” “Maybe you need a little more sleep.” “Perhaps some play time would help recharge your battery.” And the more you ignore the whispers, the more persistent they become. Until, one day you’re forced to sit down.

It can be a metaphor or it can be reality – but sooner or later the quiet voice within that always tells us the truth, ultimately takes matters into its own hands and sits us down….and what was once a whisper is now a stern demand.

breatheI ignored the whispers and now I’ve been seated. I’m reviewing the lesson I’ve learned before. Take care yourself first because you’re no good to anyone unless you do.

It’s not a coincidence, for me anyway, that we experienced a unique lunar event this past weekend. I welcomed the energy of all of those shenanigans in the sky. The beauty of the event was unexpected. I’ve witnessed similar events before and each one is beautiful and unique. But this one….it held mystery for me. And peace, strength and assuredness that everything is going to be ok. It doesn’t promise easy, but it does guarantee ok.

And as the energy of the unique lunar event wanes, I take with me its wise counsel that all is well. Despite all the dramas, the tragedies, the triumphs, joys and sorrows, all is well. It is my choice to align with that truth, that energy that is always around me, within me and of me; always at my disposal. And I feel safe.

What were your experiences during the Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse?

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