Starting Anew!

“Desire is the beginning of all new creation.”

Don’t Resolve! Design and Create Your New Year, instead!

The transition from December 31st to January 1st ushers in just another day, yet because of our calendar system, it initiates a different year–a whole new year. As human beings, we have a lot invested in those two days and the meaning we assign them. Just the changing of the calendar seems to open up a whole new arena of possibilities that almost didn’t seem to exist right before the January 1st!

Now, it seems our optimistic natures kick in and there come the infamous resolutions that are supposed to change our lives. So often, though, because of the nature of resolutions, they lose steam and the energy that was initially felt dwindles away and we’re left feeling guilty and ashamed that we failed.

new year''s resolutionsWhat if you just forget those resolutions this year and get creative instead?

I personally like the idea of “starting anew” on January 1st. It’s the opportunity to feel refreshed and be excited about what is to come–all the things I want to do, accomplish and change seem to flow out from my imagination. And, that’s a perfect place to start!

I’d like to assert that success comes in doing away with resolutions altogether and leaving behind the inevitable “to do” and “should do” lists and their baggage.

Imagine instead: Creating your life for 2016! Create your life this year by using the power of your mind first. It’s all about using your wonderful imagination; the key to opening the doors that align your energies and fulfill your desires.

By engaging your imagination and using an up-level emotional energy level, you allow appropriate actions, events and circumstances to become available to you. As a result, life feels exciting, rewarding and renewed. Take a moment to begin creating your 2016 using the powerful technique below.

A Simple 4-Step Process of Re-Creating Your Life

Apply the Universal Laws of Attraction and have more ease and calm in the process! Here’s how:

  • Write Down What You Want to Create: DREAM BIG!

Write down your “goals” or better said: what you want to create for yourself in 2016. Whatever your goals are, be sure they hold a lot of positive charge for you. Feel their energy you when you think about them. Avoid the “shoulds” and the “have to’s.” Dream big about what it is you WANT for your life: health-wise, relationship-wise, financially, recreationally, personal/spiritually growth-wise and whatever other category is right for you in this coming year.

  • Imagine the Details
    Now for the real magic. Sit quietly as you bring your attention to your breath. Use your imagination to envision achieving your goals and welcoming the life you love. Let’s say your goal is to lose 30 pounds. Imagine the details of how you will look being at your best healthiest and happiest weight for you. Notice everything about yourself when you are healthier, lighter on your feet, eager to move your body and enjoying all your favorite activities. Do this with all the various aspects you are wanting to create for yourself this year.
  • Feel the Joy
    Next, let yourself experience what this life feels like. Feel the joy of having what you desire. You can even imagine asking your inner wisdom, what steps you needed to take to get there.

It may be helpful to imagine yourself fulfilling each step toward your goal. For example, imagine releasing 1-2 pounds per week. Feel how good that will be at the end of a week. Then go to the end of the month in your imagination. Imagine how it feels to have released 4-8 pounds. Hang out with that feeling! Keep imagining week by week or month by month, coming full circle back to your desired creation/goal.

You can also play with imagining how every day you will be moving your body, perhaps even using a pedometer to keep you motivated. You might imagine how you choose healthy foods and appropriate portions.

This process allows your desires to blossom in their right timing. The good feelings you create act like magnets, attracting you to follow your creation with inspired actions. Use these positive, affirming feelings whenever you become discouraged or choose an action that makes you feel like you’re moving backwards.

  • Stay Empowered

By choosing to feel empowered, excited and enriched, you will continue to create your life moment to moment. And you didn’t even need those resolutions.

You can apply this process to any area of your life. Have fun with it as you create the life you desire it in 2016!

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