Summer’s Golden Moments

“Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.”
~Sam Keen

Summertime and the livin’ is easy. Well, easier said than done maybe. But something to aspire to. I love the summer but I love the fall too. I tolerate winter. And spring in the Pacific Northwest? Well, for me it’s the one that disappoints more than enchants me.

So I decided to put my Summer Top Ten list together. I reigned myself in at 12. There’s more. But it may have been overkill for you so I stopped.

Take a moment and give this some thought. Then share your favorite golden moments of summer below. I can’t wait to read what I may have been missing all these years!

Number 12: Most of the sounds of life in my neighborhood through the open windows.

Number 11: Swimming in a lake. I love the way the water smells and its feel as I glide through it.

bare feetNumber 10: A road trip. Anywhere.

Number 9:    Going barefoot in the grass. I do this whenever possible.

Number 8:    The sound of a real lawnmower – in someone else’s yard.

fresh produceNumber 7:    The sounds of children at a playground or playing in the street.

Number 6:    The sound of a small plane flying overhead.

Number 5:    Puffy white clouds. No two are the same and they change with the season. Beautiful.

Number 4:    The smell of freshly cut grass – doesn’t everyone love this?

Number 3:    An early morning walk; the sounds of the birds waking up and the smell of the earth.

Number 2:    The sites, the sounds and especially the smell of a farmers market. Anywhere.

Number 1:    The sound of an electric fan. Don’t ask me why, but the one thing that always reminds me of summer is the sound of an electric fan and the gentle breeze that blows all the paper off the table and the dust bunnies from their hiding places. Perfect.

Happy Summer!

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