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“As I walk and spend time in nature, I open to these synchronistic experiences
with animals and set the intention to be open to their wisdom.”
~Heather Ensworth

About 20 years ago, I was going through a major time of change in my life. My primary relationship was ending, my work situation was uncertain, and so much of my life was in flux. I felt uncertain, confused and anxious. Every morning, part of my daily spiritual practice was to walk in the woods near my home.

One day, when I was in a particularly dark place and feeling depressed and overwhelmed, I came around a bend in the trail, and there on a branch in the tree right above me, was a barred owl. The owl stared and me, and I stared at the owl for several minutes until it flew off. The next day, I encountered an owl again. The third day, I was coming back from my walk, later than usual, and got back to my house at mid-day. There standing in the middle of my back yard was a barred owl. It is very unusual to see an owl in the middle of the day, let alone in the middle of a yard! I realized that I was being given a message.

The owl is a symbol of transformation and death/rebirth and of being able to see and navigate in the dark. The owl was showing me that this intense time of change that I was in had a deeper purpose, and that I was being guided and held through it all.

We are all now globally in a time of intense transition and transformation. We feel it in our individual lives. We see it daily in the news of change and turmoil going on around the world. The Earth is also in a profound time of change, and we see it and feel it in the storms and extremes of climate change and environmental degradation. How are we to navigate all of this?

As an astrologer, it is helpful to attune to the patterns of the planets and stars and to see the deeper purpose at work as we are all being guided into new paradigms, new ways of being and new forms of consciousness. We also have our spirit guides and healers supporting us in this time. In addition, we have guides and healers and helpers here on the Earth plane — the plants and animals.

indian under treeThe plants are here to heal us. They offer their beauty and healing gifts in our gardens, in herbal formulas, essential oils and in teas among many other forms. And the animals are trying to help guide us. The veils between the worlds are thin right now, and the animals are reaching out to us, bringing us messages to support us.

Recently, I have been going through another profound time of transition. Once again, the owls have started appearing regularly in my life, showing up in the woods when I walk and calling out regularly right next to my house. I now know more fully the importance of paying attention to their guidance.

As I walk and spend time in nature, I open to these synchronistic experiences with animals and set the intention to be open to their wisdom. Last week, as I struggled with some decisions, I walked down the trail that I do every morning. Suddenly, right in front of my path, landed a great egret. My dogs were as stunned as I was as the egret stood in our path staring at us. Yesterday, again, as I wrestled with my thoughts and inner struggles, a blue heron flew right next to me all the way around the pond in the woods. As I looked up the meaning of herons (as egrets and blue herons are both part of the heron species) in Ted Andrew’s book, Animal Speak, I saw that their message is to follow your own inner wisdom and path of self-determination and not be swayed by the expectations or pressures of others. This was just the answer that I needed!

The animals are here to guide us and help us as we move through these intense times in our lives. We just have to stay open and listen.

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About Heather Ensworth

Heather Ensworth is a clinical psychologist, astrologer and shamanic practitioner. She does astrology readings, teaches classes on astrology and spirituality and co-facilitates a Women’s Mystery School. She is author of the book Finding Our Center: Wisdom from the Stars and Planets in Times of Change (Universe Press, 2009) and has had articles published in The Mountain Astrologer and Watkins Mind, Body, Spirit magazine. She can be seen in an interview about astrology on “The Blueprint of Your Soul’s Purpose.” She can be contacted through her website: or by email:

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