Survival Tips for Tax Season!

“Oh, I just LOVE tax season, said no one ever!”

Feeling stressed by this not-so-jolly season of filing and deadlines?

Simply saying the word “taxes” sends many normally calm people into a downward spiral of negative thoughts and upset feelings. Start talking about April 15th, the deadline (usually) for filing tax returns here in the US, and now the tension can really start creeping up, looming over like some dark clouds ready to burst. Deadlines tend to add more pressure, which adds more stress and angst for most people.

 Are you one of those people?
Are you feeling the tax deadline pressure?
Are you overwhelmed by all the tax season details?

tax stressAlthough, this is a common reaction to this time of the year, it doesn’t have to be this way.

With some awareness on how this tax season is affecting you and planning for success and ease, you can take back control of those downward spiraling thoughts and start feeling better now instead of waiting until you press the send button on your tax return.

As a Stress Relief Specialist, I understand the importance of getting out of the cycle of stress. It not only doesn’t feel good to be in that state, it disrupts clear thinking and won’t help you get the job done as efficiently as you could if you are operating from a calm and purposeful state.

There’s still plenty of time to create an intention!

7 Things You Can Do Right Now to Get Some Relief from Those Taxing Taxes!

Enlist Help

If you’re reading this and still haven’t started on your taxes yet, it’s probably wise to either hire a tax preparer, chat with an online IRS rep, or at least get someone to help you sort through the paperwork. Giving yourself permission to ask for help and taking that action, relieves some of the pressure right away. Thinking you have to do it all alone adds more pressure and more distressful feelings. A tax accountant I know says the word “extension” can be your new friend and give you extra time. Ahh…that feels better, doesn’t it?

Plan ahead

If you are not going to be filing an extension, then set up mini goals of what you’ll accomplish each day. You will feel much more in control by setting up achievable goals for the remainder of the time you have to get this done, instead of just gritting your teeth and pushing through 10-12 hours at a time.

Reward yourself

After completing a mini goal, reward yourself. Take a nice hot bath, go to the movies, or watch one at home, read a novel, do a puzzle, play with your children or your furry children. Have some “cuddle” time with your honey. Do something that rewards you for your success. This will keep you motivated by knowing something special is awaiting you when you’re finished for the day.

Focus on the Goal of Completion

When you keep focused on seeing and feeling how good it will feel to be completed, your subconscious mind gets imprinted with that message. It motivates you to reach that same feeling, that reward, and you’ll find yourself searching for actions to be in alignment with that vision and feeling!

Move your body

It’s true, moving your body relieves stress. Instead of grumbling about how awful the process is, get out and take a walk, go to the gym, if you are so inclined or put on some music and dance those tax blues away! You’ll feel refreshed, renewed and ready for the next mini goal you’ve set for yourself.


Write down your successes, not only in the arena of the tax work you’ve done, but in all areas of your life. This keeps you focusing in on success. When we focus on our successes, we feel good, we feel accomplished and we promote more feel good feelings. It takes away the “I haven’t done enough” stress thoughts by focusing your thoughts on what you have done.

Keep a gratitude journal. I love to do this. It immediately opens the heart to being present to all the great things you already have in your life. This naturally brings feelings of contentment, satisfaction and well being. These feelings will promote healthier thoughts and keep the positive thought feeling cycle going.


The simple act of taking some good deep breaths is so renewing. It really helps to change your attitude. You get “above” the situation causing stress when you stop and simply breathe. It stops those runaway negative thoughts in their tracks. Spend a few minutes with your eyes closed and breathe.

An alternative breathing method that I love, is to put your thumb and forefinger together on each hand as you inhale. When you exhale, release them and say “let go.” Do this several times to really let go of those taxing tax thoughts and feelings!

Use this time as a mini retreat: connecting you to you. You’ll feel so much better and have more energy to continue on with those mini goals!

Use these tips to keep you focused and on purpose during these next few weeks and you will be amazed at how much better you will feel and how you may even begin to cultivate a new paradigm for tax season!

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Jackie Foskett, Certified Hypnotherapist, Stress Relief Specialist, founded Healing Hypnotherapy in 1999 to help people change their behaviors and thinking in areas that were no longer working for them. She likens herself to a Sherpa. She guides her clients along the terrain of their conscious and subconscious mind so they can get to where they want to go! With her attentive ear, her skills and her passion for being a partner on her clients’ journey, Jackie brings ease and lightness to the path of change.

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