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INTENTION: Your pathway to Peace, Joy, Clarity and Abundance

“Let love be the Intention within everything you do
and nothing shall ever be done in vain.”
-Anna Taylor

Intention is everything.

More specifically, Intention is the source of everything. No matter what we believe about our origins, purpose or destiny, we can all agree that without a catalyst, without a thought or desire for something, none of us would be here today.

Now why does that even matter and how might it positively affect any of our current lives? First let’s take a closer look at this seemingly presumptive claim about what exactly Intention is or means.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Intention as an aim or design, while assigning a medical meaning as well, which is the natural process of a healing wound. So Intention is both the desire of every moment as well as the chosen pathway toward that desire’s completion or fulfillment.

I propose a marvelous integration of these meanings, and suggest that we all stop to seize the transformative power of our Intention. Let us learn and employ our innate and amazing healing design!

intentions quoteIf Intention is the source of all things, has the power to heal wounds, and requires nothing more than our focus … Read the rest

What If Depression Was An Invitation, Not An Illness?

What if depression was a natural part of the cycle of life and it bore an important message? One that, if heeded, would lead you to a place of greater harmony, freedom and fulfilment?

Recently two people I love dearly told me they were close to the edge. They’d spiraled into the depths of their own darkness and struggled to see a way out. My heart ached for their pain, a pain I once knew intimately. One that many years ago almost convinced me that it was better to leave this planet.

It’s a distant memory as I’ve come a long way on my journey of self-discovery. But, when my friends shared their suffering it made me realise that perhaps there are many others who would find hope in an alternative view of depression and how to transcend it.

I’m not going to discuss regular causes of depression like trauma, bereavement, certain illness and seasonal changes that may or may not benefit from traditional intervention. And if you’re taking medication, I’m not suggesting you ditch it – it’s imperative that proper protocols are followed and that you do what is best for you.*

My invitation is to explore another possibility … Read the rest

The Four Pillars of Commitment: The Power of Scheduling

It is not the beauty of a building you should look at;
it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.
~David Allan Coe

 What is that one thing you want?

You’ve been thinking about it forever, but you just haven’t been able to make it happen yet. You know the one: that one thing.

We have a habit as humans of making our lives much more complicated than they need to be. This is because we often forget about the foundation on which we lay our plans, desires, and actions. It’s like a tree with no roots, or a house without proper measurement. Without the proper tools and the right foundation, even the tallest building with the best material will crumble and fall eventually.

In this series, the four pillars of commitment, I’ll be giving you effective strategies that will help you set the right foundation for your goals to help you with long term commitment. (To see the previous article, go to April’s issue).

This month, we’ll be talking about second pillar of commitment: the power of scheduling.

cofffee cup in bedroomTime is a funny concept. Though we have a means of adequately and … Read the rest

Empowering Change Using the Moon’s Energetic Cycles!

“Healing and transformation isn’t something we do;
it’s something we allow and surrender to.”
Anne Ribley

Every month, as the moon achieves fullness, we are offered a powerful invitation for transforming change! The energetic movement of the moon has a powerful impact on life on Earth. The moon’s energetic pull moves the oceans and prevents them from becoming stagnant bodies of water.

Just like bodies of water on Earth, our human body is mainly comprised of water.  We can intuitively feel something pulling inside of us at certain peak times during the moon’s cycle. We are connected to this magnificent LIFE. However, states of disconnection can result in struggle and heightened imbalances. The natural energetic rhythm of the moon’s cycle creates connection and provides life restoration.

I became aware of the natural energetic power the moon cycles offer during a time when my life felt weighed down by complication and chaos. My life circumstances had morphed into complex energetic entanglements making it difficult for me to know what to do next. I did not know how I could possibly fix the massive red hot mess of business and financial chaos I found myself in, while my long-term marriage (that … Read the rest

Tarot-Mirror of the Soul

“A Tarot reading looks at your current life situations through
the symbolic language of image and color.”
~Susan Scofield

A Tarot reading looks at your current life situation through the symbolic language of image and color. Tarot cards are a unique tool available to anyone who can look at a picture and describe what they see. In the case of the cards, this symbolic language triggers an unconscious response within the individual, signaling intuition, which in turn, sends a message to the conscious mind.

The Tarot functions as a guide. It is an anchor and an advisor. It can direct, suggest and open one’s eyes to new possibilities along with revealing roadblocks, challenges and fears.

tarot-deckTarot cards can be used for self-understanding, and are often called the “mirror of the soul.” They are useful in looking at the current flow of energy in one’s life, or in the examination of a particular issue.

A Tarot reading can foster an understanding of the different perspectives and needs within a relationship, whether with a partner, a child, or a parent. Tarot spreads can indicate the energies in any given situation and suggest how best to deal with that situation.

Traditional Tarot decks … Read the rest